Significance of Getting an MOT Test

Whether your vehicle sits idle in a storage unit or is used every day, it can suffer internal and external damage without you even noticing. If the extent of these defects in the automobile components crosses a particular limit, your car is no longer roadworthy. To determine this road worth aspect of vehicles, they have to take an annual test, known as the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.

Attaining an MOT certificate on passing the test ensures that your car or van is safe to be driven on roads. Taking this test is not only your responsibility as a vehicle owner but also a legal requirement.

So, when should you get an MOT test done? It is mandatory for any passenger car over the age of three years to take this test annually. Once twelve months have passed, the certificate will no longer be valid. If you fail to renew it within the stipulated period, you will have to pay a heavy fine of around £100. Stricter consequences will follow on evading the penalty.

Now that we know when to take an MOT Bilston test, another question pops up. What does this test entail in the first place? To check how safe your vehicle is for the road, the garage performs several inspections on its interior and exterior parts.

The condition of the set of tyres in your vehicle can make or break your driving experience. Thus, each tyre should be inflated correctly and have an appropriate tread depth. If you use old, worn-out tyres, consider switching them out as they might cause a test failure.

A thorough examination of the braking, suspension and exhaust systems is also performed. If your vehicle emits more pollutants than permitted, contributing to environmental damage, it will not pass the test.

Electrical systems including wiring, lights and horn are also checked to locate any faults. Parts such as the windshield and its wipers, seat belts, licence plates, etc., are also inspected. If any of these components are found defective, you might get a warning. In severe cases, your car may fail the test altogether.

In general, during an MOT test, three types of faults – minor, major, and dangerous are found. Easy to fix defects that might be signs of future damage fall under the first category. The second constitutes faults that need some work. If ignored, these can cause severe damage in the near future.

Unless your vehicle is completely wrecked or has several malfunctioning systems, you can still earn a Pass on the certificate. All authorised garages offer services to fix any faults found during the test. So when you take a retest, you can pass it with flying colours.

But what if you wanted to eliminate the possibility of failing the examination? While it is impossible to give a 100 per cent assurance in this regard, getting your serviced at regular intervals helps. An MOT test can never be a replacement for complete vehicle servicing. In fact, an MOT certificate with a Pass stamped on it is simply the legal validation for a well-serviced car.

Lastly, you might be wondering where you should get an MOT test done. Only centres and garages authorised by the transport authority are allowed to perform this test. If it is your first time, search online test centres nearby to get it done.

As a driver, your top priority is the safekeeping of everyone on the road, including yourself. The responsibility of taking care of your vehicle goes hand in hand with that. And that is exactly why your car should always take an MOT Brierley Hill test within the due time. Driving a roadworthy vehicle keeps you out of legal troubles and maintains the comfort of your rides.

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