Significance of wheel alignment and how often should you get it done?

In order to experience a smooth and safe ride, it is important that your wheels are correctly aligned. It not only ensures your safety but also provides your tyres with a long life. Let us discuss in detail wheel alignment Sutton in Ashfield and all the necessary points related to it.

What is wheel alignment?

By wheel alignment, we refer to the angle of the wheels of your vehicle compared to each other. Not only to the other wheels but this angle is also compared to the vehicle’s body.

Vehicle suspension is altered to provide the vehicles with proper wheel alignment. The vehicle suspension is treated by the mechanics or tyre specialists according to the alignment required.

Importance of wheel alignment

The main function of a wheel alignment is to make your tyres point in the right direction while driving. With this, you can make out that if your vehicle does not have a proper wheel alignment, you may experience a rough ride with little or no control over steering.


Imagine you are driving on a very beautiful road, experiencing serenity all around. Now imagine your wheels are not pointing in the right direction, and you are facing difficulty and putting extra effort to drive in the right direction.


No more serenity and beautiful experience will come your way. All your focus is on driving safely and in the right direction. Thus, in order to experience a smooth and, above all, safe ride, it is important that your wheels are properly aligned.

What makes a vehicle lose its wheel alignment?

It doesn’t take much to disturb the wheel alignment. In our regular everyday drive, our vehicles go through so many issues that we all are familiar with.


What we do not pay attention to is that every little setback that the vehicle faces can cause serious trouble to the tyres and wheels. Some of the very common reasons for improper wheel alignment are:

  • Potholes
  • Hard braking
  • Regular tear and wear
  • Hitting large stones or curbs


You might see yourself as a very cautious and excellent driver and try to avoid all the issues that might harm your vehicle in any way. Still, your wheel alignment might get disturbed with time. You may wonder why? It is because our tyres and wheels get old.


Due to the increasing age of the tyres, the rubber compound and other elements in the tyre tend to fairly start wearing. The rubber starts losing its elasticity, the socket and ball joints start getting loose, etc. All these issues, with time, affect the wheel alignment negatively.


Even if you get your wheel alignment checked at regular intervals, there might be a slight misalignment due to the age factor. Wheel alignment is measured in degrees or inches, and you might know when your tyres need new wheels after you get the wheel alignment measured by a mechanic.

When should you get your wheel alignment checked?

We recommend getting your wheel alignment checked every time you are at a service centre for an oil change. If we talk about numbers, you should get the wheel alignment checked after every 6000 miles. After all, a lot can happen over the given course of time.


If you have driven for 6000 miles, it is not possible that your vehicle would not have gone through unpaved roads, large potholes, debris, large stones, etc. All these elements are enough for a misalignment. If you do not get your wheel alignment checked after the given course of time, your tyres can get more damaged and cause serious mishappenings.


Not only due to safety concerns, but we suggest regular checking of wheel alignment so that you can also save on the extra expenses. Yes, if it has been long enough that you have not got the wheel alignment checked, it is time that you go to your mechanic.