Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Wheel or Damaged Wheel Bearing

The wheels are kept moving or spinning in a vehicle quietly and smoothly with the help of wheel bearing. During the manufacturing process, wheels are sealed. This protects them but, they will wear out gradually like other automotive parts. Wheel bearings that are worn out prove to be risky and you must replace them. A tyre falls off eventually if the bearing is worn badly.

When a truck crosses you on the road with a roaring noise, you may feel sudden vibrations. The sound is produced from the resistance of the rubber of the huge tyres against the road. Those tyre types usually face such situations and it’s normal for them but, it can be the first wheel bearing failing symptom for your car. Your wheel might be aligned and if that is the case, you must go for Wheel Alignment Loughborough.


Noises such as clicking and snapping must be observed, which you can hear while you corner the vehicle. You can also hear the grinding noise while turning the vehicle or during shifting of the vehicle load. When you drive the car straight, you can hear the rumbling, growling and humming noises, which grows louder while turning the vehicle.

A rumbling sound of low noise is the first symptom of an issue that comes from one of the wheels. You can feel this and hear this through the vehicle’s body or the steering wheel. Often while turning, the rumbling sounds increases.

The wheel bearing is a crucial yet simple part of an automobile allowing a wheel to freely spin. Replacement is needed for damaged wheel bearings before they start posing risk to your car and possible injury to the passengers due to control loss.

The sound coming from the wheel can be noticed by the driver as wheel bearings start wearing out. A rumbling noise is made by damaged wheel bearings, which may be heard at one or other speed.  The noise is produced as per the speed of the vehicle getting louder or constant at high speed.


A vibration can also be made by damaged wheel bearings in addition to a rumbling sound. You can feel it either in the steering wheel or in the car.  Higher speeds may worsen the vibration while braking or turning.

Repairing and Testing

You need to raise the car safely and move the wheels to test the wheel bearings if you suspect presence of damaged wheel bearing. The wheel should not show a side to side play and spin smoothly. The wheel bearing is very inexpensive if they need to be replaced. The repair process or Wheel Alignment Loughborough is also not complicated but, it is time taking.

Poor Handling

A worn bearing sometimes will cause a wheel can wobble or vibrate if it has damaged bearing. The vehicle is pulled to either side due to the presence of a worn-out bearings. It causes sharp pull sometimes when brakes are applied. The brakes could feel pulsating in such case. Causing them to fail suddenly, the anti-lock braking systems sensors can be damaged by a worn bearing in a worst-case scenario.

Tyre Wearing

The tyre wears out fast as compared to normal due to the presence of bad wheel bearing, especially if the bearing is extremely loose or worn out.


The wheel will start smoking just before the catastrophic bearing failure occurs, as the grease inside the hub of the wheel is burned by friction between metal and metal. Thus, you must stop immediately.

Other Issues

You must not assume the absence of any issue if the bearings of the wheel check out but, handling issue, tyre noise or wearing persists. other major defects in the vehicle, such as worn joint, a front tyre end wearing and damaged tyre that is badly misaligned can also, be indicated by these.