Signs you should change your tyres

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You need to regularly keep a check on your tyres, their maintenance and change them when it is necessary. Tyres are literally the component that drives your car, it is the only vehicle part that has contact with the road surface. It has an influence over the braking, handling and control of your car. It is absolutely pointless if your car has high-end engines and an effective braking system without a good set of tyres to complement it.

A huge array of reasons like age, wear, external damage, weather conditions, road conditions, bad driving habits like speeding and the improper maintenance and care of the tyres can lead to your tyres getting damaged with time.


Some major signs that you must change your tyres:

1.Deterioration with age:

Your tyres come with a maximum of five years warranty from the suppliers and manufacturers. It is highly advised that you change your tyres every six to seven years because after a point of time the rubber of your tyre starts deteriorating naturally due to the exposure to UV rays, friction, oxidation and heat. It is however agreed that a tyre could maximum last you up to a decade but it is really not recommended to use it that long as with time your safety and ride quality lowers.

2.Worn Tyre tread:

Treads are the most important part of the tyre mainly because they offer proper grip. Without proper tyre treads, your car is much more susceptible to danger especially in wet conditions, but good tyre treads help with increasing traction and reducing stopping time making it a safer ride for you. Australia has a minimum of 1.5 mm minimum tread requirement but it is safer to have much more depending on how rainy your local area is.

3.Cracked Sidewalls:

One might find wrinkles on old tyres Sutton in Ashfield, this happens due to UV that breaks down the chemical which keeps the rubber tight and flexible. These wrinkles might be anywhere from a small hairline crack or to a major gap in between tyres.

4.Blisters And Bulges:

This is a major cause of concern in countries like India as the main reason for these is driving uneven roads, potholes and hitting kerbs. This causes the air pressure to push the tyre in an uneven manner causing bulges in the tyre. The tyres should be changed even as the slightest bulge and blister can give you a flat tyre and unfortunately at the most inconvenient time.

5.Bad Vibrations And Noise:

All cars will experience vibrations over time due to the wear and tear of the engine and other parts but this can be reduced with proper lubrication, but if you are still experiencing vibrations and noise it might be a damaged wheel that causes it to spin unevenly. Performance tyres provides high quality properly balanced tyres that wear evenly and minimize bad vibrations and unwanted noise. Sometimes it could also be the tyre that would have suffered internal damage or the tyres might not be aligned properly. Obviously, these are not problems that can be looked over and they should be fixed or changed at the earliest.

6.Dry Rot In Tyres:

The final major sign yet the most dangerous one because it is hard to find out the rot as it is mainly internal. Invest in new Michelin Tyres Sutton Ashfield which are high-quality tires and are rarely affected by dry rot. The main way to find out is if the colour of the tyre has changed from black to dull grey which means you have to immediately change your tyres. Make sure you drive slowly to your nearest garage as rotting can cause tyres to burst, fall apart or even just tear away anytime and thus making you lose control of the car and cause major trouble for yourself.