Signs You Should Visit A Mechanic

It is always a nuisance when something is wrong with your car. Most of the times, it is just a little maintenance issue. But at times, the repairs become difficult and need expert hands to solve the problems. The reason can be anything: the complexity of the repair, absence of the necessary tools, and it is also risky to repair things that may be dangerous to your life and health. In case, you are unable to get through the problem yourself and need expert guidance to fix it for you, bring your car to us, here at Jackson MOT; we provide all kinds of Car Service Northampton.

Signs that you are in an urgent need to find a garage to carry out your car repair:

Problem-related to suspension and steering

Steering problem needs to be resolved to maintain the highest level of safety on the road. Your car should respond to the steering accurately so that it doesn’t read wrong reading. If your car is facing a steering problem, your vehicle is in a desperate need of a repair.

You can spot the problems by observing: if the car is steering to one side while applying brakes, the steering wheel has loosened up over time, your tyres face uneven wearing or the car lean to one side while accelerating or decelerating.

Check engine lights

There are a lot of sensors in your car, and even the smallest of malfunction can be detected. Whenever you see a warning light, get it checked with us. The problem might reflect issues that need an immediate fix or just a little carelessness like fuel cap is not fitted correctly, etc. The lights may be on due to various reasons, and one should always know which light is indicative of what reason.

Something is wrong under the bonnet

Two problems are visible in the form of smoke under your hood. When the smoke is white, it means that your car has been running for long and the engine has just overheated; nothing serious is happening. In that case, stop your vehicle, wait for the engine to cool down and then start again with your trip.

If your car is emitting blue smokes, then you should call us instantly. This might suggest that your fuel is burning and you should stop your vehicle and wait for us to arrive.

Leaking fuel or oils

Your car is made to hold and use different types of fluids. It includes the fuel, engine oil brake oil, coolants, etc. Different coloured liquid points to different kinds of leakage. In case of any leakage, get your car to us, because leaking fluids is not a good sign.

Noises that you are not familiar with:

Some of the unusual noises may include,

  • Your suspensions causing a grinding noise which means that they are not in their place;
  • Noise from your brakes that sounds like a squeal, it means you need new brake linings.
  • Noise while shifting your gears, there is some problem with your clutch.
  • When you have a leaking exhaust, you will hear a loud chugging noise.
  • If your engine is not working correctly, then it will cough unevenly.

Unknown Vibrations

You can feel vibrations from various parts of your car. It can happen due to wrong wheel alignment, or you can have some issues with your suspensions and brakes. In this case, you should get your vehicle checked before something big goes wrong.

When you are not experiencing a comfortable drive

If you are having difficulty in maintaining your composure because the ride is feeling difficult, bring your vehicle to our garage as your suspensions might not be right, or you could be having some other issue with your car that is causing you so much discomfort while driving the vehicle.

Cars are a masterpiece of the modern world, and like all other machines they too need proper care and maintenance to ensure their longer lives. When you come to us, here at Jackson MOT, we thoroughly check the parts of your car and service them accordingly. Next time you are in a fix where your vehicle is not working as it should be, bring it to us; we are well known for Car Service in Northampton among our customers.

In case you need more information, don’t forget to give us a call.

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