Simple but Critical Car Maintenance You Can Do at Home

It is recommended to service your car every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. However, there are certain checks that you can perform at home to maintain your car.

The more you care about your vehicle, the less hassle you have to face in the long-run. Furthermore, you may also avoid additional costs when you go for servicing. But most importantly, regular car maintenance ensures that your resale value stays high.

Here are some simple but critical car maintenance steps you can quickly perform at your home:

  1. Check your engine oil level

The dipstick helps you keep a check on your engine oil level. There are two marks in a dipstick, and the difference between them indicates 1 litre. It will help you determine how much oil you need to put in.

How to check the oil level?

  1. Ensure that your engine is cold. Give your car 10 to 15 minutes to cool down before heading over to the next step.
  2. Take the dipstick and clean it properly to ensure that external agents don’t contaminate the oil.
  3. Remove the oil cap and put the dipstick entirely into it.
  4. Pull the dipstick out and check the level of your engine oil.

If your oil level is lower than the first mark, then you need to add more. Pour additional oil if required and recheck with the dipstick. Repeat this process until the oil level reaches the first mark.

  1. Check your brake and clutch fluid

Your car manual will tell you how to check your brake and clutch fluid. If the fluid has lowered considerably, it might indicate a leak.

In such situations, you can head over to car garages like HG Motors to have it checked. They also provide other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, etc.

  1. Check your tyre pressure

Driving without adequately inflated tyres will lower your fuel efficiency. It will also cause your tyres to wear prematurely. Therefore, you must check the tyre pressure at least once a week.

It is especially crucial to keep a check on pressure during winters. Tyre pressure also drops with a drop in temperature. So, keeping your Winter Tyres in Harrogate properly inflated is critical. Check your car manual to find the ideal pressure for your tyres.

To check the pressure, you can buy a gauge meter for as low as £0.99 and a digital gauge for as low as £2. Check your air pressure every month; you must also do the same before going on a long journey.

  1. Make sure the windscreen wipers are not damaged

Check the rubber strip in each of your wipers to ensure they are not damaged. Replace your wipers if they are:

  • Skipping off your windscreen
  • Not cleaning the windshield evenly
  • Causing a squeaking noise

Wipers that have worn rubber bands can cause severe damage to your windscreen. Further, you may also fail your MOT in Harrogate with such scratches.

Also, ensure that your washer fluid reservoir is full. You can opt for two types of washer fluids – concentrated and pre-mixed. Concentrated washer fluid is cheaper and does not require additional water.

You can perform these 4 basic car maintenance routines at your home to keep your car in peak driving condition.