Simple but Effective Hacks to Store Tyres Properly During Winters

A car’s chassis, suspension, battery, tyres- nearly all of its components are affected by plunging temperatures. However, it’s your car tyres which will degrade the fastest if you do not provide the necessary care to them, irrespective of whether they are on your car or in your garage.

Nearly every Brit car owner is compelled to buy 2 sets of wheels every year, one for summers and another for winters. Tyres are expensive and need proper care. Experts in vehicular care recommend special tips and tricks to help store tyres during winters, especially when they are not in use.

Store Tyres the Right Way

Here are some advanced hacks and tips to store your car’s Tyres Dundee so good that you can use them cometh the moment.

  • Indoor storage is mandatory: All tyres must be stored indoors, preferably inside a garage. Doing so can save them from the extreme temperatures outside, prevents moisture build-up and saves the rubber from damage. In case you do not own a garage, you can choose to rent one.
  • Store a set together: Whenever you remove a set of tyres, ensure they are stored together. You must pay attention to storage. If summer and winter wheels, for example, are stored together accidentally, you might get confused. Invest in a tyre storing rack, readily available online or at your local servicing garage. Such racks enable you to keep all 4 wheels and the spare tyre in one place.

In case you need advice on buying the rack or something a bit more technologically challenging, contact GT Autos Garage. They can also help you with excellent customer care other than a wide range of OE-grade spares.

  • Keep them away from paints and solvents: A car service bay should not share the same space as its storage area. Service bays have all manners of solvents, paints and dyes lying around. They can have a degrading effect on wheels. Instead, store your car’s tyres in a dry area, away from such hazardous areas.
  • Use tyre bags: Tyre bags are not new. They have been around for some time now. You can always buy a few and store the tyres inside them. Most such bags keep moisture away, help tyres avoid harmful UV radiation and are waterproof. All of these aspects are important for tyre storage.
  • Do not stack tyres: Tyre stacking is another error that many car owners are prone to. Stacking one on top of the other can affect your Car Tyres in Dundee when they are stacked. Piling is often seen in tyre showrooms; however, those are new wheels, and their surfaces are intact. Storing tyres in use in a stack will cause damage.

When buying tyre bags, ensure that you buy the right size. These bags are designed to store most passenger car wheels but will fail to deliver their utility if you end up storing smaller tyres in larger bags or vice versa. Doing so will not make the bags airtight, dissolving their purpose.

Lastly, it is crucial that tyre manufacturers’ recommendations are followed. Most major global tyre giants have a detailed guide on how their products must be stored. Alternatively, the care details are printed on paper or plastic and stuck on wheels. Read them carefully before you proceed. Refer to professional assistance if you want the best possible results.

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