Simple Guide To Pass Your MOT Test

An MOT test ensures that your vehicle complies with all applicable road safety and environmental regulations. As a result, the current requirements are quite stringent, but there are few things that you can follow to ensure that your automobile is ready for its MOT. Here are a few tips that can help you to pass the MOT smoothly.


Make sure that your indicators and headlights are functional

It is important to ensure that your indicators and headlights are functioning smoothly before heading out for an MOT Check. To test your headlights, park your car against a wall with the engine turned off, the handbrake engaged, and the ignition in the accessories (ACC) position. You should also test your side lights, hazard lights, rear lights, etc. You are advised to get them repaired if faults are found. It is always advisable that you keep your vehicle in good condition before going for a Volvo MOT Northampton.

Ensure that the seat and seat belts are in good condition

A malfunctioning seat belt might endanger your life and lead you to drive differently. Thus, it is necessary to check whether your car’s seat belts are in proper condition. Check whether the driver’s seat can move both forward and backward. To inspect the seatbelts for damage, pull them out to their full length and tug them firmly to see whether they behave as they should if you hit the brakes hard. This could make the difference between passing and failing, as well as life and death.

Have your car cleaned before heading for an MOT

A decent wash does wonders for your car’s appearance. Even if it’s not a critical step, one should still ensure to thoroughly clean their cars before heading out for an MOT Check. With a hose, soap, cleaning mitts, and a few buckets of water, the best car wash can be done in your driveway. You should avoid cleaning your automobile in direct sunlight or extreme heat since the soap will dry on the surface before you can rinse it off. Wash your car early in the morning or late in the evening, and avoid washing it near a dusty road or beneath a tree with buds, bugs, and leaves.

The exhaust system should be inspected 

Your engine’s emission system relies heavily on the exhaust. A person with only a little mechanical understanding can perform several simple exhaust inspections. You should check that your exhaust pipe does not have any leaks. This can be detected if your car makes a loud rasping noise which is often put out by the system. Once you’ve discovered a leak, a small piece of blue tack or tape can be used to fix it temporarily. This will allow you to search the remainder of the system for other leaks. It is advisable to remove any temporary measures that you have placed on your car’s exhaust system before taking it for an MOT Check.

Check under the bonnet

Check the brake fluid reservoir and the oil level by opening the hood. For the garage to conduct an emissions test, it must have sufficient amounts of both oil and fuel. If your automobile is not properly topped up or the brake fluid is contaminated, you may fail the MOT. The test also checks for fluid leaks that have potential environmental hazards.

It is also important to check the radiator coolant level. The radiator is placed directly beneath the hood latch in front of the engine compartment. The washer fluid level should also be inspected to see whether it requires refilling or not. Check your car’s battery connections to ensure they are clean and well-connected. There are dozens of other parts under the hood that should be properly inspected. The tips mentioned in this blog should be kept in mind before going for a Toyota MOT Check.

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