Simple guidelines to replace Break Pads

Brake pads are the part of disc brakes which are used in automobiles. They are made of steel plates and are used to apply pressure and include friction to a car’s brake rotors.

Brake pads work by converting kinetic energy to the thermal energy through friction. Formerly, brake pads were manufactured using one material, Asbestos. Since brake pads induce friction which generates a lot of heat, Asbestos has proved to be a material that absorbs a lot of heat.

But there was a small problem while using asbestos. When the asbestos stopped working, it produced dust particles that were too dangerous to breathe. It has been a fact that brake pads can produce a lot of dust when they are not functioning properly.

There are organic brake pads as well. These are also known as non-asbestos brake pads. They are made from the material which is natural like glass or rubber. These brake pads do not produce unhealthy material when they cease to work or function properly. Such brake pads are very soft and therefore are not noisy. But since they are softer than other brake pads, they tend to damage faster and aren’t good options for heavy vehicles like trucks or sports cars. Organic brake pads can work better if used in small light weighted cars that usually aren’t involved in harsh driving.

Brake pads are a very important component of your car. It is also equally important to get those brake pads that match the braking ability to the speeding ability of the car. It is essential to get a brake pad of premier quality to ensure a safe driving experience. If there are any signs of deterioration of brake pads, it means that they need replacement as early as possible.

People usually search for Car Repair Bilston to get a brake replacement. First auto services offer top-notch customer service when it comes to replacing or installing any part of your precious prized possession. If brake pads are not replaced on time, they can damage the wheels and braking system completely.

It is vital to get the braking pads replaced or repaired if there are following signs-

  1. Screeching noise – Whenever there is a loud noise coming from the brake pads, it means it needs a quick Break Repair Wolverhampton.
  2. Density- It is important to check regularly if the brake pads are heavy and thick. In case they are not, they need a replacement
  3. Strained– If the breaking becomes stained and uneasy, then the rotors could be distorted which means they need a replacement.

FirstStop Auto Service has given some of the useful methods to replace a brake pad.

  1. Lift the vehicle and remove the bottom bolt of the brake calliper. Push the calibre back and make sure the slide moves out of the bracket.
  2. To measure out the brake rotors, it is essential to zero in the vernier callipers. Place them over the rotors. Close the point on the rotor and move it around to get the lowest point. You can look at the measurement.
  3. If the measurement comes out to the nearest minimum thickness of the rotors, then the rotors need to be changed.
  4. To replace the rotors, first make sure the rotors are off, remove two bolts on the bracket for the calliper. If the rotor has come off, a bowl needs to be fit inside the rotor followed by spring and a cone.
  5. The disc is then fitted inside followed by nut and spacers.
  6. Switch on the machine to check if the rotors are set properly. Make sure to adjust the blades as well.
  7. Remove the slide from the calliper, clean it and apply a layer of grease. After this, the slide can move freely.
  8. Reinstall the rotors, in case there are new rotors, make sure they are clean before actually installing them. After that reinstall the callipers and brake pads.

This guideline would help the drivers to replace brake pads, and get a new and improved brake system for any car.