Sinking Brake Pedal: Know the Reasons Behind It

Our car is a piece of complex machinery. There’s no denying the fact that we take a mammoth amount of pride in driving our precious vehicles. It gives us all the comfort that we need to reach our destinations. One needs to be constantly on toes to keep all the parts of the car in outstanding condition to reap its benefits to the fullest.

While we do understand that a car running properly is extremely important, a car coming to a halt is equally crucial. Obviously, the function and significance of brakes is paramount here. You can know yourself. When a brake repair Nuneaton pedal slides straightaway to the floor, when pressed, or the one that feels squishy or mushy, then, it surely needs to be worked upon. If it isn’t firm enough, it indicates that it has some kind of problem and should be fixed instantly. Let’s see the different kinds of brake systems first.

 Kinds of brake systems

There are two types of brake systems – drum brake system or disc brake system.

  • Disc brakes – These brakes are made up of disks, a calliper, wheel bearings, brake pads and some other hardware which are used to ascend brakes to the vehicle. The tubes, hoses and valves help in connecting callipers to the master cylinder, which ultimately pushes the brake fluid through the system.
  • Drum brakes – This system comprises of hydraulic wheel cylinders, brake shoes and a drum. The hydraulic wheel cylinders force the brakes to rotate against the inner surface of the rotating brake drum. That’s how the brakes are applied.

 Reasons why brake pedal sinks 

There can be a multitude of reasons why the brake pedal goes to the floor. Whatever the reasons are, they all need to be addressed as soon as possible.

  • Leaking brake fluid – Brakes generally don’t work, when your car goes out of fluid. You’d get to know it quite easily. You may be able to see brake fluid beneath the car if there’s any kind of leak in the system.
  • Master cylinder going awry – The main purpose of this cylinder to send the pressurized brake fluid through the brake lines. Due to this pressure, the brakes get applied to the wheels. With improper functioning of this cylinder, the braking power would be lost.
  • Bad brake booster – A booster basically uses the vacuum pressure to amplify the force applied to the brake pedal. In case, the booster isn’t working properly, the car would become harder to stop, and the brakes are surely going to touch the floor.
  • The wayward driving style – A driver himself is quite responsible for the improper functioning of the brake repair pedal. The brake fluid gets hotter and hotter as the brakes are applied. The thinner it gets, the more pressure you need to apply the brakes.

How can you maintain your brakes?

Usage and maintenance also play a major role in keeping the parts of your car in appropriate condition. Therefore, you must become a smart driver and keep looking for faulty signals from your vehicle. For instance, a leaking fluid can be a major sign given by any car. Take off the parking brake before your car starts running again.

If you can’t locate any major reason for a sinking brake pedal, then change your driving style and make it more vehicle-friendly. All these things will surely provide longevity to the brakes and make them work better.

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