Some Essential Tips to Pass Your MOT at the First Attempt

All vehicles which are older than 3 years must pass the annual Ministry of Transport exam or MOT. Everything from bodywork indentations to emissions come under the banner of this test. It’s an annual regulatory check which your car has to go through.

Here some of the checks a standard MOT exam will look into:

  • Doors.

  • Brakes.

  • Mirrors.

  • Tyres and Wheels.

  • Seatbelts.

  • Lights.

  • Seats.

  • Registration plate.

  • Suspension and steering.

  • Washers and Wipers.

  • Vehicle Identification Number.

  • Horn.

  • Emissions.

  • Windscreen.

Studies show that 2 out of every 5 vehicles fail their annual MOT exam at the first attempt. However, the DVSA tells that this is avoidable as the faults found during the exam can be easily rectified with simple car maintenance. Hence, make sure to check the following things before going for an MOT test.

  1. Lights

Ensure to clean all the lights and check them if they are working properly. Also, if you tap the lights and they flicker, it could mean that wiring damage. So, make sure to change your car’s bulbs before your MOT test.

  1. Windscreen and wipers

The driver should have clear visibility. So it’s vital that your wipers work properly, the condition of your windscreen is perfect, and there is adequate washer fluid.

  1. Engine oil and fuel

You must ensure that your car has adequate engine oil and fuel before undergoing the exam. Having proper fluid levels is a must, because garages may refuse to conduct the emission test if they are not.

  1. Tyres

All the tyres of your vehicles must be of the same size and have proper air pressure. They also should not have any damages or cuts, and the tread depth must be at least 1.6mm. So, you must ensure that your tyres in Northampton are in the perfect state to pass the exam.

  1. Seatbelts

Everyone knows that seatbelts are an important safety feature to cars. Hence, keeping them working appropriately is extremely crucial. You must ensure that there are no damages or cuts on your seatbelts and they securely click into place.

  1. Number plate

You must make sure that the state of your number plate is in proper condition and meets the legal requirements. Before the exam check if the number plate is secure, clean and all the number and letters are clearly visible.

  1. Exhaust

It is vital that your car exhaust is secure and does not have any corrosion and that it is structurally a part of your car body. Hanging exhausts are a common MOT fail. Also, it would be wise to go for an emission test before the MOT.

  1. Bodywork

You should make sure that the bumpers are secure and your car is accessible from all doors. Rectify errors to body contours before going for the test.

Passing the MOT is mandatory. It is advisable to take professional help to repair as per requirements. Take your car to a reliable service station like Jackson’s MOT Centre for getting those issues fixed before taking your MOT test centre Northampton. The auto garage is also renowned for its satisfactory repair and replacement services.

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