Some Interesting Facts about Car Tyres You Never Knew Before

There are more than 100 tyre manufacturing companies all across the globe. Britain is one of the fastest growing and most active markets for spare automobile parts. As of 2018, British motorists purchase approximately 40-42.9 million car tyres every year.

The largest tyre manufacturing brand in Britain is Dunlop. Other key players in the industry include Continental, Bridgestone, Michelin and Pirelli. There are some interesting facts about these tyres which one should be aware of.

These can not only help you understand the tyres in Bawtry or Harworth that you use on your vehicle, but also help you determine any potential issues with your car and its tyres.

Importance of DOT Code

While buying new car tyres in Blyth or Harworth, always make sure to check its DOT code. A DOT code determines several things about a tyre

  • Week, year and place of manufacture
  • Size of a tyre
  • The unique code of the manufacturer

Since 2000, the last four digits of the DOT code on your car tyres signify the week and year of manufacture. Make sure to check this code when buying new tyres in Blyth.

Vehicle’s carbon emission

Since 1970, the carbon emission in cars has doubled. Your vehicle is responsible for a high degree of CO2 discharge year upon year. More than 75% of that happens due to the high rolling resistance of your vehicle tyres.

As a remedy, you may switch to green or eco-friendly tyres in Blyth. These tyres have low rolling resistance as a result of which the carbon footprint of your car will reduce significantly.

Significance of TPMS

TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) keeps monitoring the air pressure inside the carcass and alerts drivers of any sudden or acute changes. Newer vehicles that came with TPMS as standard equipment and are registered after 1st January 2012 have to undergo TPMS inspection during their MOT.

Treadwear indicates major issues

If you observe that the tyres of your car are wearing down unevenly, then it’s an indication that the wheel alignment of your vehicle has taken a beating. It’s advisable to check the car’s wheel alignment in Blyth once a year at any reputable garages near you such as Harworth Tyres Services. It will keep your vehicle in the best possible condition and even extends the work life of your car.

A fast-growing industry

Tyre manufacturing is one of the oldest industries in the UK. This sector currently rakes in around £950 million in revenue each year. It is expected that the revenue will double in the next five years’ time. Hence, it’s quite evident that the industry is booming and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, these interesting facts about your car tyres can help you understand the essential part of your vehicle a little better. Moreover, going through the above valuable points will adequately guide you while buying the next set of tyres in Bawtry.