Storing The Tyres To Elongate Their Durability And Prevent Dry Rotting Of The Tyres

Pirelli tyres CheltenhamIt is quite a frustrating task to store the tyres as they have such size and many extra measures are needed to be adopted to maintain them. Tyres start to degrade gradually, but you can at least slow down the degrading. The temperature, radiation, time and weather affect the tyres. Storing the tyres in a cool and dry environment is the best trick, and can minimize the rate of ageing. Your tyres can become more durable and go long if you store a fresh tyre set in the correct manner and environment.

These tips for TVR Tyres Northampton storage would let you maintain your tyres in their best condition and prevent rotting of the tyres.

The tyres must be cleaned and then dried before storing them.

Before you store the tyres, removing the traces of brake dust, dirt and asphalt are essential. However, every cleaning method and soap is not equal. In this case, the products that are marketed typically for tyre cleaning may not serve the purpose. Thus, the label on the products must be checked. The products with petroleum must be avoided. When your tyres are not in use for months, these products prove corrosive and destroy your tyres.

Don’t let the tyres get exposed to the Sun.

It is believed by many that UV rays are one of its crucial factors behind tyre ageing. Premature deterioration can be caused if the tyre rubber gets heated by direct sunlight. The rubber breaks down as the ultraviolet rays do so by penetrating the tyre and drying it out. Restricting sun exposure as much as possible is the best trick to prevent early damage of the tyre while being stored.

Tyres must be stored in a Very Dry and Cool Surrounding.

For storing your tyres, you must find a dry and cool environment. You must always prefer a place having constant humidity and temperature all over the duration without any fluctuation. Tyres can age prematurely if fluctuation in these factors occurs. Storing the tyres in a warm condition is not wise as the rubber will be damaged and at the same time, keeping the tyres in a freezing atmosphere is also not wise.

Every tyre must be stored in a plastic airtight bag individually.

Oxygen is another major factor of tyre deterioration apart from the sunlight. Items that are stored need airflow for staying in proper condition and breathing. But, this is not applicable for tyres. The tyres are well maintained if they are stored in plastic with a vacuum within them. The vacuum won’t let the oxygen reach the tyre rubber and hence, prevents oxidation in the tyres. Thus, the oil doesn’t get evaporated, and the tyre is not dried out. For effective results, you must wrap each tyre individually.

Vertical or horizontal Storage

Storing the tyres properly is essential once you get the correct storage location. Tyres can get deformed if you hang or stack them and don’t move them at regular intervals. However, many times, you are bound to stack the Car Tyres Northampton because of space shortage. Thus, you must stack them carefully.

The tyres must be removed from the vehicle when stored for a long time.

You must get the tyres removed from the vehicle entirely if you store your car for a long time. Flat spotting can happen if the tyres are still fit for the vehicle. Thus, even though you are unable to remove the tyres, you must ride your car at regular intervals to put the tyre into use. Tyres work well when in service as constant movement evenly distributes the oil throughout the rubber and prevents tyre drying.

A professional inspection of the tyres before mounting back is essential.

If you store your tyres in suitable condition, your tyres will be durable. However, it is suggested by many experts that you must replace your tyres after use of at least 6 years irrespective of the tyre tread. When the tyre rubber breaks down, old tyres can be compromised. You must check wearing or any damage signs when you move the tyres out of the storage location. You must get your tyres inspected by a professional at regular intervals if you are unaware of the tyre crazing or rotting.

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