Storing Tyres for a Long Time? Take A Peek at These Tips!

With winter approaching, UK gears up to stack the summer tyres and mount its wheels with the tyres suitable for winter season. With the switch, the summer tyres are discarded in some obscure part of your garage, and most people are blissfully unaware of what’s happening to these tyres over the course of winter.

But, hold on!

Are you not going to use them back when the winter’s gone?

Of course, you will! So, Why the negligence?

Store your summer car or van tyres Manchester in a way that keeps them in perfect condition for use in the upcoming summer.

People tend to believe that keeping a tyre unused will not affect it in any way and it’ll stay just the way it is. However, the fact seems to be a little different. Tyres do wear out even with regular storage. Especially in the winter, the frosty weather may make it brittle.

So, you need to take extra care while storing tyres for a prolonged period. You may use some tips that help extend your stored tyres’ life. When garages, like Gilgal Tyres, store tyres for a long time, they use similar smart tricks to avoid any potential deterioration.

Tip 1: Give it a thorough cleaning!

Remember, prolonged exposure to dirt and dust can have a wearing out effect on a stored tyre. So, clean it properly with water, soap and a brush. Don’t forget to dry it before storing; else the moisture will work up its magic to degrade it further.

Tip 2: Store in air-tight covers

After you have dried it up completely, store it in a carrier bag that does not let any air pass through it. Suck out the air already present in the bag with a vacuum pump and seal it with tape.

Tip 3: Do not keep near any source of heat and direct sunlight

Tyres are immensely affected by high temperature, courtesy of their high rubber concentration. Hence, it is best to keep them away from any place that receives direct heat and sunlight.

Tip 4: Store at a cool place

You should store your tyres in Manchester or any other place in the UK at a cool place that is not exposed to moisture as well. Keep away from ozone gas releasing appliances like electric motors, furnaces, sump pumps, etc.

Tip 5: Keep them vertical

It is better to keep them vertically stored than spreading them out on a surface. It will reduce the stress and distortion that a horizontally-stored tyre might encounter. Also, keep a clean piece of wood or ply below the tyres rather than keeping them directly on the ground.

It is inevitable for your car tyres to wear out and age. However, these little precautions on your part can considerably slow down the ageing process and ensure that you can use them later on. Also, it is a smart way of saving the repair or replacement costs.

Smart basic maintenance can save your tyres through the winter and keep them rolling through the summer.