Summer Tyres: All You Need To Know!

In the Summer season, hot temperature, humid weather conditions or hot tarmacs can cause issues with your standard car tyres and reduce their performance and safety. Moreover, driving a vehicle in such tough conditions with standard variants will jeopardise your on-road safety, provide an uncomfortable and unsafe drive, and also result in early tyre damage. Hence, fitting correct tyres on the wheels in the summer season can play a major role in enhancing the overall performance and for getting a safe drive.

Fortunately, summer tyres are designed primarily for temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. You can find a wide assortment of summer tyre brands and models in the market for various budgets and different features. Also, we recommend you check the labelling and markings on a tyre carefully to confirm the summer tyre you are purchasing will be ideal for your vehicle or driving style. Drive down to a trusted facility today that has advanced tools and technology for mounting Tyres Reading with extreme accuracy.

Benefits of equipping your car with summer tyres

There are several benefits of installing summer tyres on your car. Some of them are:

  • Longevity: The hot temperatures in the summer season can ruin the surface of a tyre of standard variants. Luckily, summer tyres are made with long-lasting rubber compounds, along with a clever tread design to deliver enhanced tread life. Moreover, these tyres also decrease the risk of early damage generated by high friction while driving on dry roads.

  • Superior rolling resistance: The rolling resistance ability of a tyre plays a big role in determining the driving performance of a vehicle on the roads. Summer tyres are manufactured with a shallow tread depth that is perfect for offering reduced rolling resistance without reducing your on-road safety. Also, the impressive reduced rolling resistance of summer tyres delivers reduced fuel consumption and excellent mileage.

  • Improved control: Superior handling is vital for driving a car in the summer or rainy season. Fortunately, summer tyres have a rigid frame that comes with large tread blocks and durable sidewalls to provide outstanding handling while cornering or turning. Also, the clever design of summer tyres protects against overheating and offer excellent control over your car in summer as well as wet weather conditions.

  • Superior traction: The roads during the summer season can get rough and hot. Not installing summer tyres on a car will decrease the on-road performance along with safety. The unique material used for producing summer tyres delivers improved traction and grip throughout the hottest months of the year.

  • Boosted Braking: All automobile owners need perfect tyres that deliver amazing braking performance in the summers. Summer tyres have a shallow tread depth that is ideal for car owners looking to get superior braking on wet or dry roads.

Top Summer Tyres Brands

You can explore a wide range of tyres in the market and select the one that best suits your needs. Some of them include:


  • TURANZA T005: This summer tyre is awarded EU Label Grade A for wet road braking and turning. Moreover, the TURANZA T005 offers improved mileage and is available with Run-Flat Technology.

  • TURANZA T005 DRIVE GUARD: This summer tyre is awarded EU Label Grade A for wet grip and is perfect for passenger cars.


  • CrossContact™ RX: This new summer tyre generates low noise and provides a smooth and quiet drive. The CrossContact™ RX is well-known for its wet braking and excellent snow and wet traction.

  • SportContact™ 7: This tyre is made for sports and high-performance vehicle owners looking to get a safe and comfortable drive in wet or dry road conditions. Moreover, SportContact™ 7 is made with BlackChili³ to offer long-lasting and enhanced driving performance.

Other Tyre Brands You can Buy


  • e·PRIMACY??




  • P ZERO™


  • Contact an experienced tyre centre if you are still unsure about summer Tyres Reading or require further information.