Summer Tyres or All-season Tyres: Which One to Choose?

Choosing the most suitable fit for tyres for your vehicle can be confusing. It is a challenge when you have to switch tyres due to the changing weather constantly. However, tyres being an expensive purchase can cost you heavy on pockets if you will always have to change the tyres with the season. Hence, to eliminate this, the automotive industries have brought in different season tyres that will suffice the vehicle’s needs and requirements in the changing season and terrains. 

Every season tyre has a different purpose of solving in its season. Hence choosing which one to get for your vehicle can confuse you in a jumper of ways. Listed below are a few factors that you must consider to cut short the confusion and reach a decision. Have a look and find out more about the all-season tyres and the summer tyres before making a final purchase. Doing so can benefit you in a lot of ways.  

Geographic Location 

The geographic location has a lot of say when deciding whether your vehicle needs summer tyres or all-season tyres. In some countries, it is compulsory to switch tyres from season to season. However, it is not the case in all countries. Hence, you must look after the government regulations in your location and see if there are any compulsions of switching Car Tyres Birmingham every season. If there are such rules, choosing an appropriate set of tyres will not be difficult in that case. 

Changing Weather Conditions

Undoubtedly the weather condition has a lot to say when it comes to the performance of your vehicle. Be it hot and dry weather, rainy wet season or weather with snow and ice worldwide, different seasons demand a particular tyre set to perform efficiently for the vehicle and give you the best ride. If you are located at a hot and dry place where the terrain is usually warm, you must install the summer tyres in your vehicle. However, if there is a moderate temperature in your area or someone who would not change tyres every season, all-season tyres are your best companion. 

Mileage And Usage

How much your vehicle has been on the drive, and its mileage can alter your choice of tyres as well. If your car does not have many usages and is out on the roads only for a short while, changing tyres every once in a while is not what you need. On the other hand, when you have heavy use of the vehicle, you must install the appropriate set of tyres to ensure uninterrupted performance. 

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A quick tip: when your vehicle is heavily used, make sure to get a timely visit to the garage and ensure that you get the Pirelli Tyres Birmingham inspected. If the vehicle demands, you must lookout for the replacement of the tyres. 


There can be several factors that can alter your choice. However, keeping your priorities at the top will benefit you and your vehicle the most. Always look out for the set of tyres that suffice the needs and requirements of the car. But the ones that also fits your budget, choice and gives an enhanced performance. Once you know what you want, be it summer or all-season tyres, finding the most appropriate set will not be difficult. In case you still have confusions, feel free to ask an expert for their suggestion to get the most suitable set of tyres today. 

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