Symmetrical, Asymmetric, and Unidirectional Tyres: Which One Fits the Bill

If you are looking forward to upgrading your car’s tyres for the sake of enhanced performance, choosing the new set of tyres could probably set your mind in a spin. There are bundles of options to choose from the market and picking the right set of tyres that suits the make and model of your car is indeed a bit confusing. The scene can be even more upsetting when you are looking something on a budget, i.e., discount tyres in Newport. To ease the course of your tyre buying exercise, it’s better to get an insight into the making of tyres before figuring out the available options of tyres in the market.

Currently, there are three major categories of car tyres you can find in the marketplace, i.e., symmetric tyres, asymmetric tyres, and unidirectional tyres. The categories of all these tyres have been derived from their tread pattern that most of you rarely think about when choosing the right set of tyres for your vehicle. It’s science that works behind the tyre tread pattern and getting to know it can assist your purchase to bag the right set of tyres for your car.

If you haven’t been informed of these three principal categories of tyres before, the note is for you. We have taken them one-on-one in the following points to help you make the right decision when sorting your choice from a wide range of tyres options. Give the following points a thorough look to guide your tyre purchase:

  • Symmetrical Tyres

Being the most economical among all tyres categories, the symmetrical tyres make the major share of the market. Since the symmetrical tyres are designed to rotate in either direction, they are also referred to as multi-directional tyres. The tread pattern on the outside and inside is the mirror image of one another that makes them suitable to work in the normal driving atmosphere, i.e., smooth driveway and normal temperature.

You can prefer to equip your car with symmetrical tyres if you don’t drive out in the fierce weather conditions such as snow-covered tracks in the extreme wintertime or water-filled motorways in the rainy season. You can walk into ‘Trade Price Tyre’ if you are looking for a budget-bound purchase with some discount on tyres in Newport. In addition, tyre professionals at our tyre trade point can pick the right set of symmetrical tyres for your car and fix them onto your vehicle in not more than an hour.

  • Asymmetrical Tyres

The second category of car tyres is asymmetrical tyres that rest on the second spot in terms of sales after symmetrical tyres. As the name suggests, the tread pattern on these tyres is not the same on the outside and the inside. The pattern enables them to work well on the damp driveways, i.e., they are dedicatedly designed to conquer the road challenges coming in the way in the extreme rainy season.

The asymmetric tyres are slightly costlier than the symmetric tyres as extra expenses go into setting the different tread pattern on the inside and outside so that they can disperse the water from the road without being a victim of aquaplaning. We have a range of asymmetrical tyres on discount in Newport at our tyre retail facility – you can bag the right set for your car to withstand the rainy season.

  • Unidirectional Tyres

The unique tread pattern is integrated into the tyres of this category so that they can move in one direction without getting deviated from their path. The arrow-shaped tread pattern on them makes them work well in the extreme winter conditions when snow sheets take over the paths and motorways.

Unidirectional tyres are not just purposely designed to cope with the wintertime; they also require to be uniquely installed to serve the purpose. Only tyre professionals can fit them correctly in your car so that they perfectly perform the job when driving across the snowy roads. Since their cost lands around the range of asymmetrical tyres, grabbing a deal with Discount Tyres in Newport will surely be a significant aid to your savings.

You can now drive your tyres purchasing exercise wisely in line with the above tyre categories to cope with the driving challenges in your region. ‘Trade Price Tyres’ can be your ally in the course, suggesting you the right pick for the purpose, and that too on a budget.

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