Tackling Snow and Mud – Choosing the Best Winter Tyres in the UK

Driving a car in winter can be a daunting task. Although, most of Britain does not get snow like some of our northern European neighbours, where the temperature hovers around 0°C for a better part of the winter.

What the UK does get is frequent bouts of mud, ice and freezing-cold water on the road. The result is slippery roads in cold temperatures. ‘Standard’ summer tyres are inadequate to tackle these treacherous conditions. They become brittle and lack grip on the way, severely compromising the handling and manoeuvring of your car. Any responsible driver shouldn’t settle for that.

Enter winter tyres; the answer to most driving challenges during those less forgiving months of the year. If you don’t have a set of them already, you should get one ASAP from a good car service garage like Trade Price Tyres Newport.

Here’s why:

  • Weather Conditions in the UK

According to statistics from the Met Office, the average temperature in Britain during the winter months (mid-November to late-February) is well below the 7° mark prescribed for winter tyres. Although snowfall has become rarer, it is not unheard of.

Add to that the incessant rain (December 2015 became the wettest month ever in the UK’s history, closely followed by January 2016), and you have got a perfect recipe for disaster if you’re driving on summer tyres Newport.

  • Much Better Handling in Freezing Conditions

You might have noticed that winter tyres have more and deeper grooves on their treads to improve the traction. They also have additional ‘sipes’ to help with that.

However, the real deal is what you cannot see – the rubber compound. It is a much softer compound than the summer tyres with high silica content, which provides a superior grip on temperatures below 7°C.

According to a survey by Tyresafe, winter tyres took 65.7 metres to come to a complete halt compared to 70.5 metres by summer tyres at 5°C. The gap widens as the temperature decreases even further.

Which Tyres Should You Opt For?

Every tyre manufacturer has their unique range of winter tyres. A few bestselling tyres in Newport are:

  • Continental WinterContact™ TS 860

One of the finest specimens of winter tyres in the market, Continental WinterContact™ TS 860 tyre is the winner of Auto Express’ much coveted ‘Winter Tyre Test 2017’ award. It offers exceptional handling and best-in-class braking performance in winter conditions.

It is equally adept on dry surfaces, with a low rolling resistance for fuel economy. You just cannot go wrong with these tyres in winter!

  • Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol Series 3 Run Flat

Made using a second-generation silica-enhanced tread compound, these tyres from Italian tyre giant, Pirelli, are a class of their own, especially during winter months. The directional tread patterns on these tyres with Pirelli’s pioneering Interactive Brickwork Siping improve the traction drastically.

The icing (no pun intended) on the cake is that these are run-flats, which means you can continue driving them for 50 miles even with a flat tyre.

Driving with summer Car Tyres in Newport during winter months can be forthright dangerous. Visit a reputable workshop like Trade Price Tyres to buy winter tyres in Newport.

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