Goodyear has been emerging with new ideas ever since its establishment in 1898. With the incoming of new technologies and discoveries, new products are launched which result in smooth driving experiences.

Being one of the largest tyre Gosport manufacturers in the world, excellence and creativity is in-built. The brand is backed with the support of 69,000 employees, and 52 manufacturing facilities in 22 countries across the globe.

The technologies employed by Goodyear tyres are as follows:

a. Sound Comfort

• This is a technology that eliminates interior car noise levels by almost 50%. • It is attached to a foam ring in the inner surface of the tyre.

• It does not compromise on performance capabilities.

b. Seal Tech

• This technology seals the punctures of size 5mm in diameter in the tread area automatically.

• Prevents the need for stopping the car or changing the tyre immediately after a puncture.

c. Tall and Narrow

• Designed and developed by Goodyear tyres Gosport , this technology was made especially for Renault Scenic.

• Here, tall signifies the rim’s diameter. A large diameter means less deformation of the tyre with low heat generation, resulting in less consumption of fuel and rolling resistance. A tall tyre has more wearable volume of rubber, due to its bigger circumference, which improves the mileage.

• Narrow, on the other hand, signifies a narrower section width that provides improved aerodynamics. This results in reduced fuel consumption, noise and good aquaplaning resistance. The other innovative technologies include:

• Run On Flat tyres: keeps the car on the road even after a blowout.

• Active Corner Grip and Active Braking: ensure better handling under conditions of hard braking as well as cornering.

• Smart Wear: offer good performance by showcasing new grooves and compound.

• Efficient Grip tyres: help lower fuel consumption without compromising on safety and performance.

• Patented 3D-BIS (Block Interlocking System): enhances the stiffness and stability of the tyres.

• Wear Control: offers short wet-braking distance and less fuel consumption.

• Silent Armor: provides cut resistance and advanced puncture prevention on rough roads.

• Smarted: has specialized tread zones adjusting to the conditions of the road.

• Top Indicator: monitors tread wear in winters.


Having over a century of experience in discovering, designing and manufacturing, the brand has garnered a significant amount of experience over the years:

1. 1898: The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company was founded.

2. 1904: World’s first detachable tyre was made.

3. 1908: Model T Ford, world’s first mass-produced car was made.

4. 1909: Launched the first pneumatic tyre for hydroplanes.

5. 1921: The first off-road tyres, rut-proof were launched.

6. 1934: Lifeguard was launched, which was the first tyre to offer extra stability in case of a blowout.

7. 1965: The land speed of 600 mph was broken by a vehicle equipped with Goodyear tyres.

8. 1971: First tyres were sent to the moon.

9. 1985: The first radial tyres for commercial planes were supplied.

10. 1993: Aquatred was introduced, the first kind of tyres made for wet conditions.

11. 1997: The first victory was recorded at the 350 Formula 1 race.

12. 2012: Played a major role in the EU labeling system of tyres

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