The 5 Best Michelin Tyres to Use This Winter!

For over 120 years, the French tyre giant, Michelin, has continued to produce tyres designed for commercial and city usage. This is one brand that has managed to transcend the tyre industry and become synonymous with quality and excellence, thanks to its superb advertising and brilliant products. Michelin is especially prevalent in the winter tyres segment.

Winter being sleety and rainy in most parts of Northern Europe, it is imperative that you buy the best available winter tyres. Whenever you purchase new models from the extensive range of Sandy Auto Centre tyres, we assure great build and superior quality on all available products. One of the leading brands in the market, Michelin, produces a series of innovative car tyres; we list the five best Michelin tyres for winter.

The Five Best Michelin Winter Tyres

Based on our experience and customer feedback, we believe these are the top five Michelin tyres currently in production. Any one of these will offer excellent grip even in snow covered roads.

  • Michelin Alpine tyres: A popular model in Northern Europe, the Alpine was initially used as the Original Equipment or OE of the Volkswagen Beetle Dune series, which was tremendously successful. The Alpine range of tyres guarantees greater overall stability and driving quality thanks to its superior tread pattern. The sipes are more numerous while the tyre has larger blocks for better handling.

Alpine tyres are suitable for use in passenger vehicles, especially sedans and hatchbacks. This model is one of Michelin’s fan favorites.

  • Latitude Sports: Michelin’s Latitude Sports is a winter tyre renowned for its stability, wet grip, and superior handling characteristics. This model has a specialised rubber compound which offers superb road-control and better fuel efficiency.
  • Michelin Pilot Sports Cup tyres: No list of the best Michelin tyres in Sandy can be complete without adding the Pilot Sports Cup tyres. This tyre model was originally designed for racing cars. However, it has also proven popular with the masses, who love its comfort and value. This tyre series has a unique bi-compound technology which aids in precise steering and handling control.
  • Michelin Cross Climate: If you are looking to buy the best Michelin winter Tyres Sandy, the Cross Climate model is a must-grab. The rubber compound has built-in silica and functioning elastomers, which works well on both winter and summer roads. The V-shaped groove this model has is great to use on wet roads, and with the innovative design, the braking distance is remarkably shortened. Like most Michelin tyres, this one also comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Michelin Energy Tyres: First used as Original Equipment or OE for the Alfa Romeo cars, the Michelin Energy tyres combine a dynamic response technology and a tread pattern which is ultra-reactive. The rubber compound also possesses deeper grooves which ensure that these tyres will work in even the slushiest weather.

Before We Go…

Remember that Michelin manufactures tyres for many models of cars. Make sure that you buy the correct tyre size for your vehicle. Check out our tyre markings guide to know how to read a tyre. Use this guide the next time you buy cheap tyres in Sandy. This is an on-going list which will see many further additions. So, watch this space.