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There are many varieties of tyres available in the market. Different tyres rated based on their brands and service. Some of the tyres are made for you to set according to your budget, meanwhile, some are focused more on providing service and could be a bit pricey. You can choose the tyre of your choice according to your situation. You can also take some professional advice if you are having trouble choosing the perfect tyre for your vehicle.

There are plenty of people using Kumho Tyres Nuneaton like places and they are fond of it. With time, the demand for the varieties of the tyres kept on increasing and now we have tyres that are specially manufactured to serve us in different seasons. These tyres are manufactured to tackle the challenges offered by the seasons on the road. Such as winter tyres, summer tyres and all-season tyres. They all do the work and are manufactured to provide services according to their names.

These tyres are made differently with both the compounds and the process. Of course, it is because the challenges that they have to face are also different from each other. You can buy any of these Tyres Nuneaton is a place with a lot of stores to help you out with it. Let’s go through the compounds and the process that are used in the manufacturing of these three kinds of seasonal tyres.


Talking about the winter tyres, these are designed with more grooves to provide better traction on wet roads. These tyres are also good to use in the rainy season. The hard rubber compounds of the winter tyres help it to avoid stiffening at the low temperature. They are the best in providing better handling, brake distance and grip in winter. Whether the road is snowy, cold or wet, winter tyres help you to get through any of these situations easily.

The winter tyres are made of harder rubber compounds than in summer tyres. These result in the better performance of summer tyres in comparison to winter tyres. The soft rubber compound of summer tyres tends to provide better grip, handling, better responsiveness, reduced distance of braking. However, they do not work well when the temperature drops more than 7degrees. It is because they are made to work at high temperatures. So you can go with the summer tyres if you live in a location that has more than 7degrees of temperature.

All-season tyres are the one that is made for your vehicle to work in any weather condition. Although it has the middle ground experience, providing you with a compromised driving experience on the road. You can easily go for these tyres if you are on a tight budget, as these tyres are quite affordable. The all-season tyres tend to remain flexible in the low temperature than the summer tyres. These tyres also offer you some nice gripping experience even in the higher temperature. It acquires a large amount of area on the road to provide better stability. However, these tyres do not have much life-span if we compare it with the ones that are made for any particular season.

These were the few seasonal tyres that you need to know about if you are planning to buy one. You can also do some further research and choose your tyre accordingly. Good luck!

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