The Common Tyre Mounting Mistakes

For an independent and not so popular tyre dealer, there isn’t much opportunity to showcase their efficiency in every vehicular aspect to all their customers. Often new customers are the flying customers who end up taking service due to an emergency. And so to display their capacity and for impressing the customers, it is essential to make use of the only opportunity which is mainly wheel mounting and balancing. Their success in it may attract more references as well as the same flying customers.

Now we know how to capture clients but then what needs to be avoided during such short notice? It is usually the way tyres and wheels are fitted and mounted on the car, which becomes a chance of skill and expertise show. 

So, certain things need to be avoided, which are explained in the following section:

  • There is a high chance of being accused of damaging the leading technologies of a vehicle which are the TPMS, run-flats, etc. The chances of coming across a damaged tyre pressure monitoring system are more if the sensor of it is located at the valve. Otherwise, it is probably better off on its own. To usually avoid such deliberate mistakes, it is always better to check the car for damages, mention everything that is working or damaged in an official notation at the start before taking over the task of vehicle servicing. This is one of the most common mistakes done at the time of mounting tyres Bredbury.
  • Secondly, another major mounting mistake would be the handling of the reverse mount wheels in the wrong way. Improper handling might be the cause of wheel damage shortly. As reverse mount wheels are mostly found in all the vehicles these days, so it is better to use reverse mount adaptor in such cases for avoiding any surface scratching of the chrome rim which might turn into rust later on. Also, it is suggested to use the jaw protection while the clamping process which minimizes the chance of damage too.
  • It is highly essential to unfollow the ways of working, which might lead to the damage of the vehicle parts sooner or later. So, try to pay full attention to the work when the bead breaker is inserted for tyre mounting. It can otherwise create problems or even damage the side plies of the tyre if handled and inserted in a wrong way.
  • Lubrication is a vital thing in case of mounting and demounting a tyre. The proportion of it is the main as too much of it, or too less of it can be damaging for the wheels and tyres Irlam. If the mixture has an excess of water than the lube, then it can lead to problems of vibration and slippage. Also, if the improper lubricant is used for this, it can be dangerous too. Premature tyre issues, as well as wheel corrosion and leakage, are the potential problems that shall occur in such cases. Apart from checking the mixture proportion of lubricants, it is also necessary to see if the bead seat, and balcony of wheel drop centre and also the tyre bead’s inner toe area are well lubricated.
  • It is always better to take the safer road and avoid risks, which is why you need to stop using the hand-held bars to hold the bead in the drop centre as it can slip anytime and the tyre might come up, and you end up damaging it. Besides the damage, there is also a high chance of getting hurt or injured severely. So, it is better to use a pneumatic or a mechanical assist for the job. Tyre mounting can get tricky at one point so all precaution should be taken and the steps should be followed religiously with all the necessary time.

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