The Complete Tyre Maintenance Guidebook for New Drivers

Proper maintenance of tyres is essential for your safety and also for every single driver on the road. But, do you know, a report says faults in tyres are the reason behind around 172 collisions between the years 2007 and 2012?

It points towards a very essential but ignored factor – tyre care and safety!

Now, how safe are your car tyres? And why is tyre safety integral to the overall maintenance of your car?

Here you go-

A Safety Check For Your Car Tyres:

Your car tyres should

  • Conform to the size requirement of your car.

  • Have the right inflation.

  • Not be faulty and have any defects.

  • Have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth.

Consequences Of Not Using The Right Tyres For Your Car-

Not using the recommended type of tyre for your vehicle can lead to severe repercussions like:

  • Lesser control over your car.

  • An increase in time taken for the car to stop after brake application.

  • A decreased tyre grip while driving on a wet road.

Which Type Of Tyre Is Suitable For You?

  1. Tyres for winter – The tread pattern of a winter tyre enables it to roll through ice and snow with relative ease. Made up of a softer rubber compound, they are more flexible than regular tyres during winter, giving them a better grip on snow.

  2. Tyres for summer – These tyres are fit for weather conditions with high temperatures.

  3. All-season tyres – All-season tyres are designed to perform under all weather conditions, including wet and dry roads.

You can buy these varieties of tyres Sleaford or elsewhere in the UK.

Maintenance Of Your Tyres

  • Inflation level check – The right tyre pressure is necessary for providing adequate support for carrying the load of the vehicle. It also impacts fuel efficiency. Hence, you need to visit a local automobile service station like Roberts Tyres to make sure your tyre inflation level is maintained at all times.

  • Balance and alignment of the wheels – Misalignment of tyres can cause uneven tread wear and loss of control of your car. Out of balance wheels can make your ride unnecessarily jerky. Both accelerate tread wear. So, you need to keep a regular check on both for a smooth and level drive. You can take your tyres in Heckington for a test at your nearest service centre.

Advantages Of Maintaining Tyres

Keeping your car tyres maintained at all times has the following advantages:

  • Greater control on your car with ease of handling and brake application.

  • Greater safety for you and your co-commuters on the road.

  • Increased life of tyres and lower fuel consumption.

Inspect Your Tyres’ Health

Keep an eye for these signs on your car tyre –

  • Any injury or defect to the sidewall.

  • A distortion of the tyre tread.

  • Any cuts, bulges or lumps on the tyre.

  • Any leaks which might be causing a loss of inflation pressure.

Look out for any of these signs present on your car tyres. They need an immediate repair or replacement as the case may be. Get a new set from one of the reputed brands as per your requirements.

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