Alloy wheels are considered to be very attractive as compared to normal steel wheels. These wheels are made from aluminium, magnesium or sometimes both. These compounds provide greater strength and ductility to the wheels.

Given the growing popularity of alloy wheels the UK, all the modern vehicles sport alloy wheels in huge numbers. Their superb styling capabilities make them extremely appealing and desirable.

Advantages Of Alloy Wheels

They Are Much Lighter Than Steel

Both the metals used in the making of mak alloy wheels are lighter than steel. This gives them an advantage by reducing weight and improving performance, along with car handling abilities. They also enable smooth steering of the vehicle and are an added advantage when combined with the suspension system.

Alloy wheels reduce the unsprung weight so that less inertia is transmitted to the spring support system, permitting the suspension to absorb more shocks.

Visually More Appealing

Alloy wheels are like a cosmetic upgrade for the car, making it stand out from the others on the road.

Offers Better Conduction Of Heat

Alloys are known to be better conductors of heat than pure metals. This property has been used for the benefit of cars in the automotive industry.

Increased Fuel Economy

Alloy wheels, due to lighter weight and improved handling, also increase the fuel efficiency of the car. They make the car carry less weight and thus reduce the consumption of fuel.

Better Braking Abilities

Alloy wheels offer better traction and braking performance due to the decreased unsprung weight. They reduce the hopping of the wheel, as is observed in the case of steel wheels, which decreases the potential risk of brake failure.

No Corrosion And Rust

Aluminium alloys are known to withstand corrosion as well as rust.

Increases Tyre Longevity

Tyres remain cooler with alloy wheels, thereby extending their lifespan.

Suited For Tubeless Tyres

Alloy wheels are an ideal fit for tubeless tyres as they are completely airtight, unlike steel wheels.

Disadvantages Of Alloy Wheels

Not As Strong As Steel Wheels

Steel, being one of the sturdiest materials, can withstand much more impact than the alloy wheels on any kind of terrain or driving conditions.

Expensive To Manufacture, Buy And Repair

With a complex manufacturing process, alloy wheels tend to cost more than steel wheels. The repair of standard steel wheels is also way less than the alloy wheels that easily incur a lot of damage.

More Likely To Be Stolen

The visual aesthetics may call for the wrong kind of attention.

Less Durable

Alloy wheels are comparatively less durable than steel wheels. Driving them off-road might result in a large number of damages and expenses.

At Wheels UK, the experts would help you in making the right choice of wheels for your car. They would also help you in any kind of repair services that you would require for your wheels. Alloy wheels might be a good bet for some, who are passionate about the looks of their car. They are also an excellent choice for customers who are ready to accept the disadvantages when compared to standard steel wheels.

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