The Do’s and Don’ts to Buy the Right Tyre for your Car

A tyre is your vehicle’s only contact point with the ground. Its grip on the road is more important than strong brakes and an advanced anti-skid system. Under or over inflated tyres put the vehicle and yourself in danger. Furthermore, selection of the wrong type of tyres in Coventry may also be unsafe. Enlisted below are few do’s and don’ts to select the right tyre for your car.

Do’s –

  • Understand tyre basics

You must be acquainted with the basics of your tyre and its various components. There are 19 to 25 different components in modern tyres. The inner liner gives shape to a tyre and holds air in it. Fabric belts and beads around it provide the structural integrity to the tyre. It is vital to visually check these before buying a new set of tyres.

  • Know your tyre’s specifications

Different vehicles require specific tyres built only for that particular vehicle. You will find the tyre size on its sidewall. Its section width, aspect ratio, rim diameter in inches, load index, and speed rating are mentioned in the sidewall. Choose a tyre for your vehicle with the perfect age and construction type. Tyre pressure should be within 30 to 35 PSI combined with proper alignment and balancing.

  • Replace in pairs of fours

You should always replace tyres in pairs of fours to maintain stability and predictability. If you happen to replace on two, make sure the new tyres are fitted in the rear wheels. Replacement after 50-60,000 miles is prevalent nowadays which has improved tyre longevity. You may also replace them if the tread depth goes below 1.5mm, beyond which it is illegal to drive.

  • Pick the right tyre dealer

Your dealership must have a wide range of tyre brands in store. Share details about your driving habits to your dealer to aid you to choose the correct tyre. Ask an expert about the tyre suitable for your car. The tyres must be reliable and guarantee performance.

Don’ts –

  • Spend too little or too much

Don’t spend too much or too little on your vehicle’s tyre. You must not sacrifice quality to buy car tyres in Coventry. Poor research might lead you to inferior quality and poorly designed tyres.

  • Wait for extreme wear and tear

You must never avoid wear and tear signs to guarantee safety. An underinflated tyre is the primary reason for regular wear of the shoulders of your vehicle’s tyres. Tyres are expensive and keeping a close eye on their wear helps you save pounds on maintenance.

  • Ignore vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation

Ignoring your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations might be catastrophic for the driver. The recommendations are based on size, load capacity, weight, and steering of your vehicle. Carefully read the specifications for the correct tyre for your car.

  • Disregard new tyres

Tyres are not maintenance-free and are prone to erosion. They lose 1 PSI of pressure per month and another 1 PSI for every 10° drop in temperature. Thus, you need regular maintenance for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The above points are helpful to select the right tyre for your car and to give you an understanding of how they function. You may visit a reputed garage like Central Point MOT for car maintenance.

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