The Health Checklist And Types of The Performance Tyres

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Every tyre differs from each other in contrast to what many believe. The adhesive properties, rubber formulas, and construction features differ greatly among the different types and brands of tyres. As such, particular tyres are used for distinct use. This article will be unfolding various aspects of the performance Firestone Tyres Birmingham.

The most effective tyre is the performance tyre if you consider the entire sports vehicle spectrum. This is because these tyres exhibit great adhesive properties. However, they are quite expensive.

Performance Tyres

The tyre contains a blend of increased adhesive features, which is gifted from the chemical nature of the rubber compound of the tyre and the tread design. These tyres are meant for performance vehicles. The design of these tyres increases the traction, handling, and responsiveness while driving.

However, you will find various grades of performance tyres available. Every tyre manufacturer has their name for the grades. You can break these tyres into three categories. They are R-Compound (best performance), Summer Performance (better performance), and Performance (good performance).

Performance Tyres Types


The R-compound tyres resemble the slick under race-spec tyres. The grip and responsiveness like that of the legal street tyres are offered by them. The tread design of these tyres resembles that of the semi-slick tyres. It contains a rubber compound which is much stickier as compared to the other types of performance tyres. Extreme performance is offered by these tyres but they wear down quickly if you use them repeatedly without proper maintenance.

Summer performance

The summer performance tyres are strictly meant for dry conditions. You will have unsafe driving if you use these tyres in snowy, or damp conditions. This is because the compound formula and tread design of the tyre is not meant for these conditions. The summer performance ones offer long-lasting performance as well as grip, responsiveness, and handling. However, you may need to get them replaced soon if you abuse them repeatedly.


The performance tyres are designed to be used in damp and dry conditions. They can’t perform in snowy or wet conditions. The handling and tyre life is balanced by the tread wear. This offers long-lasting performance but can’t be damaged repeatedly by enthusiasts.

Difference between All-Season and Performance Tyres

As per the name, adequate adhesion and handling in both the snow, wet, and dry are offered by the all-season tyres. As compared to the other specialty tyres, these tyres offer more durability. In dry conditions, the performance tyres are too effective due to their design. They offer durability and efficient responsiveness.

Performance Tyres Damages

As the other tyres get damaged, the performance tyres also get damaged in the same way. The equivalent factors may damage the performance of tyres. These factors include slashes, punctures, and road debris. However, if you use the performance tyres harshly on a daily basis, these tyres get degenerated faster as compared to the other tyres. This is because of the trade-off between the tyre’s performance and life.

How long can you use Performance Tyres?

The choice of your performance grade will determine the durability of your tyres. 50,000 miles is offered by the Performance, 30,000 miles is offered by the Summer Performance, and 15,000-20,000 miles is offered by R-Compounds.

Checklist of Tyre Health

Tyre use is another aspect to consider. Your performance tyre will wear out at a faster rate if you don’t pay attention to their well-being. Below is a checklist to determine whether your performance tyres need replacement.

Checking your tyres constantly is a wise idea as your tyres go through a lot. While inspecting the health of your tyres, checking for these signs are essential. They are:

Tread depth: This indicates the depth of the tyre’s exterior ridges

Pressure: This indicates the air pressure inside the tyres, which is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Dry-rotting or Cracks: Look for tyre splits or cracks. Your tyre is unsafe for driving and must be replaced as soon as possible.

Punctures: Anything penetrating the tyre which might cause air leakage, later on, must be checked.

Balance: For functioning properly, the mass distribution of tyres must be balanced and even so that they can function efficiently.

Under or over inflation: Irregular wearing of tyre tread is resulted from over or under inflation of Car Tyres Birmingham. This will prevent the tyres from exhibiting full performance.

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