The Journey Of Bridgestone Tyres In Automotive Industry

The invention of tyres out of logs of woods was a path-breaking story of humankind’s development. Similar, is the story of transforming early rubber tyres into a premium and visibly enhanced tyre models of today. The tyres today have evolved to adapt to the needs of all regular, commercial and luxurious vehicles. Nowadays, you can easily find a tyre exhibiting certain qualities of your choice in your budget’s range.

However, whenever we trace the history of present-day tyres, we cannot neglect Shojiro Ishibashi’s contribution in the form of Bridgestone tyres. Bridgestone tyre, what we call today was once a prosperous rubber business of golf equipment, shoes, belts, rubber hoses and other rubber merchandise. It was Shojiro who in 1930 produced the first Bridgestone tyre and became the first Japanese tyre manufacturing unit of the automotive industry.


The manufacturing factory of Bridgestone was moved to Tokyo before world war 2. As a result of shifting and war’s tyre needs, the company started flourishing in short duration of time. By 1953, the company was the largest tyre producing company with an aggregate of 10 million sales. Another milestone came in the form of overseas expansion of the company’s tyre production to countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. By 1968 the company had reached far stretches such as UK and US markets and hence was awarded the prestigious Deming Award in the same year.


After the death of Ishibashi in 1978, the company still continued its growing graph with the new owner and ushered into its golden era. The 1980s was Brdigestone’s golden era in terms of international trade as the company took over American tyre manufacturer Firestone. After this takeover, the Japanese brand for tyres became the all-rounder company in providing the latest Tyres Sawston meeting different vehicle’s needs.

By 1982, the company had already started producing radial tyres for heavy automobiles with the smaller version coming just two years after it. With the latest invention of spikeless tyres for snow-covered terrains, the company gained worldwide fanbase. One of the tyre model, namely Bridgestone RE71, was selected by Porche for fitting the fastest car of their company. Also, the quickest car for competitions as well. This was made possible because of the theory of pressure control optimisation and stress control mechanism which Bridgestone had wholly mastered.

By this first connection of Bridgestone with modular and fast cars, Bridgestone rose to greatness by producing tyres for F1 cars. The tyres fitted into premium F1 vehicles won a total of seven F1 championships with world-class collabs such as Mclaren and Ferrari.


The international trade of Bridgestone tyres Sawston is still running high on the scale with the production of several new tyre models. The company keeps on introducing out of the box ideas such as run-flat tyres, green tyres and other optimized tyre models. All these innovations by the company’s part evidently point towards a new era of tyres being introduced by the manufacturing giant. Keeping the pace and current graph of the company’s profit and innovation, we can clearly see that Bridgestone is going to ‘bridge ’ the gap between us and the smart tyres of tomorrow.

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