The Journey of Firestone Car Tyres

Firestone Tyres Harrow

In the initial years, Firestone started the business with solid rubber side-wire tyres. These were meant for fire engines and later on the brand shifted its focus. Firestone Tyres Milton Keynes now focused on mid-range passenger car tyres. Consequently, the brand became immensely popular for its expertise in mass production. Firestone is the sister brand of Bridgestone. Also, it enjoys a concrete global presence.

Firestone brand was founded in the year 1900. It is one of the five global tyre brands that are based out of Ohio. The other brands are BFGoodrich, Cooper, Goodyear and General Tyre. Bridgestone purchased Firestone in the late 1908s. Bridgestone is a tyre company originating from Japan.

Firestone tyres are definitely not the best tyres out there. Tread-life warranties are the biggest disappointment. Although the warranty covers 30 range of tyres the mileage is not at all impressive. The best tyre brands offer tread-life mileage spanning between 90,000 and 100,000 miles.  The highest mileage is just 70,000 miles and the average is 50,000 miles. Both these figures fall below the average expected mileage.

The available performance choices according to size are also not up to the mark. The brand offers 4 options for a 15-inch rim. Whereas for a 16-inch rim the number was three. For 17-inch rims, the average number was one. On the other hand, the best tyre brands in the market offer up to 26 fitting options for a single tyre. Therefore, in view of the limited performance options offered by Firestone, it does not justify availability.


Moving on to truck Tyres Milton Keynes, Firestone offers four options for each of the six common sizes. These fit on rims ranging between 16 and 18 inches. On the other hand, other brands in the market offer about 15 options for truck tyres. Whereas Firestone brand offers only six options. Therefore, Firestone lags behind when it comes to the availability of options.

So, we can say that Firestone is just another brand in the market. It offers tyres at competitive prices. There is a want for the best prices. Also, limited options are available. Firestone offers a normal tread-life warranty but it covers more range than other brands.


Hotline Tyres Ltd provides customers with a diverse range of Firestone Tyres Milton Keynes.

Some of them are mentioned below.

Inventory of Firestone Car Tyres Milton Keynes:

  1. According to Season
  2. Winter Tyres

Firestone uses a soft rubber compound in its winter tyres unlike in summer tyres. Even sub-zero temperatures are not able to compromise this soft compound.

A pertinent feature is that the sipes provide enhanced traction. Therefore, driving on slippery surfaces becomes extremely easy.

Best-selling Winter Tyres Are:

  1. Destination winter
  2. Winterhawk 4
  3. Winterhawk 3
  4. All-Season Tyres

Firestone aims to provide a balance with its all-season tyres. These tyres ensure great performance throughout the year. These tyres can greatly help motorists. Motorists need not replace their tyres often if they use Firestone Tyres Milton Keynes.

The Best-selling All-season Models Are:

  1.     Multiseason
  2.     Multiseason Gen02

Firestone Tyres Milton Keynes Also Provides:

  1. SUVs and 4×4:

     Destination LE3

2. Performance vehicles

     Firehawk AS and Indy 500.

  1.   Summer Tyres

Firestone manufactures the summer models of tyres using a peculiar hard rubber compound. This compound is useful keeping in mind the extreme temperature in summers. This hard compound maintains the structural integrity of the tyre. In addition to this, the low depth of tread provides great precision. The performance of tyres remains unaffected in both wet and dry conditions.

Best-selling Models

The best-selling models are:

  1.     Multihawk 2
  2.     Firehawk SZ90
  3.     Roadhawk

Buy Online:

Hotline tyres Milton Keynes allows customers to buy products online too. Customers can now avoid going out and visiting the store to purchase items. We send the selected products directly to your home.

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