The Lazy Man’s Guide to Buying Tyres

Buying a new tyre is not as exciting as buying a new car. However, the tyres are the only components of your vehicle that are in continuous contact with the road. It is absolutely crucial that you buy the right tyres for your car. Making a mistake in choosing the tyre will not only ruin your driving experience but may also prove hazardous to safety and the health of your vehicle.

Here a concise yet informative guide that will help you buy the best tyres for your vehicle.

Before You Buy…

Consider the type of the tyre you want to purchase for your car. Considering the road conditions, weather conditions and the type of the vehicle you drive, you can choose from:

Summer Tyres
Winter Tyres
All Season Tyres
Run Flat Tyres
All-Terrain Tyres
Van Tyres

You must know the speed rating of the tyre. It indicates the maximum speed a tyre is capable of maintaining safely. Running your vehicle on a tyre with a wrong speed rating could render your insurance void. The speed rating is printed along with the tyre size on the sidewall of the tyre and is represented by a single letter. For example, a ‘W’ rated tyre has a speed rating in excess of 168 mph and a ‘Y’ rated tyre is rated in the excess speed of 186mph.

You must go through the tyre labels before you complete the purchase. Similar to energy labels that we receive with electronic appliances, tyre labels will provide you with information about its fuel efficiency, wet grip, and rolling noise.

You must be familiar with the size of the tyres fitted to your vehicle. This information is printed in a standardised format on the outer area of the tyre, usually on the sidewall of the tyre.

Consider an example of a tyre with following information printed on its sidewall:
205/65R16 95V

205 depicts the width of the tyre in millimetres.
65 indicates the tyre’s side profile in the form of the percentage of the width.
R17 represents the diameter of the wheel the tyre will fit into. It is measured in inches.
95 depicts the tyre’s load capacity. (95=690kg Load)
V represents the speed rating of the tyre. (V=149mph)

After You Buy…

Now, as you have completed the purchase of your tyres, you must take adequate steps to keep them well-maintained. Regularly monitor the tyre pressure and inflate when necessary, inspect for damages and punctures, and ensure you maintain the tread depth of the tyre above the legal limit.

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