The Major Components of a Tyre

Tyres may look simple round-shaped rubber but are very complex. The production of tyres uses a lot of resources. Many different components come together to achieve the objective of providing high performance. The thick layer of rubber comes directly in contact with the ground that helps with traction and maintaining grip for a smooth driving experience. In summer tyres this rubber layer is made of a mixture of both natural and synthetic rubber to keep it soft on the road. Whereas in winter tyres this layer is made from natural rubber to provide softness on the road. The climate plays an essential role in the kind of rubber to be used in the manufacturing of tyres.

The rubber of the tyre holds all the components together and even protects them from external particles. The rubber provides resistance and improves the durability of the whole Car Tyres Birmingham.

If you are planning on buying new tyres, you should have a basic knowledge of tyre structure and functioning. Regardless of the type of tyre, almost all tyres are combined together with similar parts.

Parts of a Tyre

Rims- Rims provide support to the whole tyre. Rims are basically the outer circular edge. They are a necessary element of tyre as they hold the tyre in place and help them function properly. The axel, which rotates around the road, is considered an important element. There is more, rim enhances the force that is being applied by the tyre to move forward. One good thing is you can customize your rims.

They make your tyres and vehicle look more aesthetic and also improve the performance of your vehicle. Movement in your car like braking, acceleration, alignment, stability is highly impacted by changing the rims of your tyre. The size of the rims should match the size of your tyre, changing the size can impact the performance of your car.

Beads: Tyre beads are usually made of brass, copper, or steel wire wrapped by a rubber band and the function of beads is to connect the tyre to the rim. To prevent air leakage from tyres, the proper design and construction of the bead are extremely important. Tyres are intended to fit securely around the rim even when deflated in order to prevent them from coming off due to a rapid loss of air pressure.

Bead Filler:  It is basically a rubber component that is found inside the bead. Its main function is maintaining stability between the bead and the sidewall. The tyre filler also impacts the performance of the tyre by directly creating pressure on the bead.

Tread: Tread is a portion of the rubber that touches the ground. Tyre’s tread helps in maintaining stability, handling, traction, and wear. Apart from this, tyre tread also helps save money as they save fuel and provide resistance to the tyre. It provides adequate grip between your car and the road. The tread makes it possible for your car to move forward in wet and dry conditions. Different tread designs are manufactured for different road conditions. Whenever you buy new Continental Tyres Birmingham always look for tread design.

Sidewall: It lies between the bead and tread of the tyres. Warning and information regarding tyres are written on the sidewall. Many people don’t know this but the height of the sidewall impacts the performance and driving experience of your car. High-profile tyres are said to be used for general cars as they help in absorbing more shocks from the road.

There are more parts of the tyre like the cord body, belt, and inner liners. The cord body improves cornering and gives the tyre more strength. The inner body helps in retaining air pressure while the belt provides more stability to the tyre tread.

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