The MOT Test And How To Pass It

In today’s world almost every family has a car. We depend for most of our commute on cars and take care of it dearly. As much as you love your first bought car, you should be aware of its ageing as it can become road-unsafe or harmful for the environment or both as time passes. To ensure that any car running freely on the road is not a threat in any way, the government has made it mandatory for all cars older than 3 years to take the MOT Test conducts yearly.

What Is The MOT Test?

The MOT test stands for the Ministry Of Transport test and was started by the Ministry of Transport in 1960. It consists of a variety of checks to ensure your vehicle is road-friendly, eco-friendly and safe. A government certified test centre can be identified by an official blue sign with three white triangles on it. Any problems with the vehicle should be identified and fixed beforehand to reduce the cost of repairs.

The MOT Test Leamington Spa involves the checking of many external features like Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), registration plate, lights, wipers, windscreen, seats and seatbelts, doors, mirrors, wheels and tyres.

Apart from these, there are limited internal aspects such as suspension and steering, horn, mirrors, wheels and tyres, brakes, fuel system, exhaust system, and vehicle emissions that get checked upon in time as well.

The Ultimate Checklist For The MOT Test

Here is a must-follow checklist for anyone who’s going for the MOT test:

  • Check if all the lights on your vehicle are working correctly. Replace any broken or defective lights beforehand.
  • Make sure that the brake, handbrake and steering wheel are working properly.
  • Ensure the tyres to be inflated to the correct pressure. The legal minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, make sure it is at least this much.
  • Check the wiper blades for any damages, if found replace them. Make sure that there is nothing present on the windscreen that might obstruct the driver’s view.
  • All mirrors should be secure and in proper condition.
  • The Registration plate must be in good condition and following government regulations.
  • The VIN of the call must match the VIN your car’s logbook (V5C registration certificate).
  • Make sure all the warning lights on the dashboard are working properly.
  • Check that the filler cap and its seal are free from damage.
  • Make sure that the horn works properly and is loud and clear.
  • Make sure the car is clean and presentable from inside and outside.

What If Your Car Fails The MOT

If your car fails the MOT Leamington Spa due to any problems that are classed as “major” or “dangerous”, you will receive a VT30 certificate highlighting the reasons for the failure. You’ll need to fix these problems and take a retest. This time, the test will be partial and, depending on the duration and the repair centre can be conducted either for free or for a reduced price.

If there are any “minor” issues with your car, they will mention it in your certificate. These are not issues big enough to fail your car in the test but should be taken care of as they may turn out to be dangerous if unattended.For car repairs or MOT related queries, visit Tyre Fit Auto.

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