The story of Continental Tyres

We all know the importance of tyres in a vehicle. The main task on account of tyres is ‘choosing’. Yes, selecting a good and authentic brand of tyres must be hard. Especially with so many brands all over. Well, the selection of tyres involves aspects like location and road. For example, if you live in a hot climate area, summer tyres will work best for you and vice versa. 


Tyres need a lot of attention than we think. There is a major need for using a good pair of Tyres Wolverhampton like towns. A proper study of all the good brands can help you find the best tyres for your vehicle. Let’s talk about one of the well-known brands in tyre production companies. Continental tyres! Let’s dive in and dig up a little about it. 




Basically, Continental is a german based company. It is known worldwide as a car parts fabricating organization. The owner of the company is known to be the ‘Scheffler group’. It works in stopping mechanisms, inside hardware, car security, tyres and different parts, powertrain and body segments, tachographs, for the car and transportation enterprises. Continental is situated in Lower Saxony, Hanover, in Germany. It was founded in the year 1971, hence 148 years old. It is the world’s fourth-biggest tyre maker company.


It employs almost 244,582 ppl all over the world. Earlier it started as a company to manufacture rubber. With the use of Continental Tyres Wolverhampton streets will provide you with the most smooth ride ever. It started to produce the tyres of the vehicle (with plain tread) in 1898. This was recorded as the hit for the brand. In 1905, the brand started to produce tyres for touring vehicles. The company even became the first one to ever produce ‘grooved tyres’. Likewise with numerous other German organizations during the second world war, continental utilized slave work gave by the Party of Nazis in their manufacturing plants during the 1940s. Hannover-Stöcken, has Hannover-Limmer, Hannover-Ahlem and all branches of the inhumane imprisonment of Neuengamme. 


Continental showed up overextended with the reconciliation of VDO in 2008. Since then it had lost practically 50% of its capitalisation in the market when it wound up to be the focus of the family-claimed Schaeffler’s takeover. Schaeffler effectively introduced the leader of its engine division in charge of Continental by 2009. Continental came back to the benchmark DAX list of 30 chosen German blue-chip stocks following 45-month nonattendance in 2012. Being the controlling investor, Schaeffler AG presently possesses the Continental offers up to 46%. 




  • Continental is organized in five main parts: 
  • powertrai
  • Suspension and safety 
  • Inside
  • Conti tec
  • Tyres

Under the name of the continental brand, the company sells tyres worldwide for cars, cruisers, and bikes. It additionally creates and sells different brands with increasingly select dispersion, for example, Viking (constrained worldwide presence), Euzkadi (Mexico/Latin America), General (US/Canada), Barum to serve EU and Russia, Gislaved (Canada, Spain, Nordic Markets), Semperit (mechanical applications) and Different brands are Mabor, Uniroyal, Matador, AmeriSteel, Novum, Simex, TecnoTread, Sime Tyres, and Astrum Blue. Continental’s clients incorporate all significant vehicle, truck and transport makers, for example, BharatBenz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford and Daimler AG.


Continental tyres are one of the best that you can have for your vehicle. It has earned its authenticity for a very long time. The choice is in your hands. 


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