The Tyre Cheat Sheet: Simple Tricks to Make Your Tyres Last Longer!

Tyres are that component of your car which you neglect and over-use the most. People seldom bother about their maintenance and don’t spare much thought about them until they get a puncture or blow out. Changing the whole tyre or set of tyres can be quite expensive. On the other hand, there is no way you should compromise on quality and more importantly, your safety.

But what if you can save a lot of money with the aid of some simple hacks?

Let’s take a look!

Is getting cheaper tyres the way to save money?

Changing tyres frequently is not easy for most of our pockets. However, getting cheap tyres is not the way to save money. Cheaper tyres mean poor quality that can compromise your safety. However, you can look for a good deal on tyres from a reputed car garage. For instance, Matmore Motors is one retailer that has an extensive stock of tyres from leading manufacturers and sells them at an affordable price.

Buy them in the off-season

Just like swimsuits become cheaper during winters, tyres also become cheaper seasonally. For instance, Branded Tyres Spalding become less expensive at the end of the year while winter tyres go on sale during the summer months. That is how you can save a lot of money if you buy the tyres in the offseason.

Inflate your tyres properly

It is common knowledge that under-inflating decreases mileage and causes premature wearing of tyres. Although, you will notice that most often a car’s recommended tyre pressure varies a great deal from the maximum pressure written on tyres. The reason for this is if we inflate a tyre more than the recommended pressure, the car ride becomes noisier. However, you can increase the pressure as long as it adheres to the maximum pressure written on tyres. It helps to save some more fuel that way.

Fix your car’s alignment

Driving over potholes, braking suddenly and swerving can throw out your car’s alignment. That is why it is essential to take your vehicle for servicing and fixing the alignment. Misalignment affects the tyres, and it is beneficial to get it fixed every year to prevent a considerable repair expense.

Patch your tyres when you can

What is the point of changing a good set of tyres just because there is a hole in the centre sipes? You can always get it patched up. So if there are small issues with the tyres, get them looked at. Sometimes they can be easily fixed!

A word of caution:

Your car needs to pass the MOT test in the UK to prove its roadworthiness. So if your tyres do not meet the standards of MOT in Spalding or any arbitrary place in the UK, there is a pretty good chance of your car failing the test altogether!

That is why you have to careful while following the cheat sheet. After all, you cannot afford to fail the MOT test on the quest of cutting back costs.

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