The Ultimate Guidebook for Storing Your Tractor this Winter

Agricultural tractors are in a state of disuse throughout the winter season when there’s no farming going on. Both the cold weather and the extended downtime may potentially harm a tractor. Being one of the biggest investments for a farmer, it is supremely important to take proper steps for to store these tyres properly through winter so that you can use them just as comprehensively come spring. That said, merely tucking it under a cover and keeping it in a barn or garage will not do.

Winter Storage Guidelines For Tractors

The notion that tractors do not wear out or sustain mechanical damages when they are not in use isn’t entirely correct. The extreme cold weather coupled with various other factors may deteriorate the condition of tractors significantly.

As a tractor owner, you should take care of the following things before you store it away for the season.


Leaving residual fuel in the tractor while it’s in storage can be detrimental to its engine. Condensation is a common occurrence in winters. It may lead to corrosion and clogging of the filter and fuel outlets. If there’s any additional contamination in the residual fuel, it may damage the engine over the long run.

There are two ways you can store fuel through the winter. You may flush any residual fuel entirely and let the tank remain empty. Alternatively, you can fill the tank up and mix it with a fuel stabiliser. Allow the engine to run for a few minutes after that to aid the fuel-stabiliser mixture run through the engine.


Many tractor owners fail to grasp the importance of engine maintenance while it’s not in use. There are many factors at play even when this crucial component is not in action. Used engine oil may condense due to low temperatures and corrode the engine. It is prudent to refill a fresh batch of engine oil while storing your tractor for the winter.


Detaching the tyres from your tractor and storing them separately is a good practice. It ensures that your tyres do not have to endure the load of the tractor for as long as they are stored. There are some other tricks for maintaining the condition of tyres when not in use. Even premium and branded tyres like Michelin, BKT or Mitas Tractor Tyres are not immune to damage and require proper storage maintenance.

  • It’s always advisable to store them upright.

  • If you are storing the tyres along with their rims, you may stack them up. Do not put all 4 tyres in one pile though.

  • Keep them inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

  • Store them away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

  • Do not let them come in contact with water or any other liquid like petrol or grease.

Once winter is over, and you’re ready to fit them back to your tractor, perform a thorough inspection to check if they are in a usable condition. You must never drive your tractor with tyres that are below-par in any parameter. You may visit Terry Elsey Tyres for a professional inspection and repair of your tyres. This garage also sells tractor tyres online and in-store from multiple international brands like Michelin, Alliance, BKT and Mitas.

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