Established in 1995, Jinyu tyres is one of the paramount manufacturers of steel and semi-steel tyres of your car. It is a vital global brand in the tyre reign and is the producer of a wide variety of premium quality tyres. Being the 18th largest manufacturer of tyres in the world, the company abides by its 3 most important values- finest quality products, trustworthy services, and ever-lasting support, and is the exporter for more than 100 countries.

Going with the idea of greater efficiency of radial tyres over the non-radial ones, Jinyu tyres gives an annual output of 10 million semi-steel radial tyres and 3 million steel radial tyres. Radial tyres having high chances of becoming the standard models in the upcoming years, it is the peak of the functionality of Jinyu tyres. On a journey of developing the most advanced and cost-effective platform for tyre manufacture and distribution, the prominent global manufacturer has a vivid design and a variety of supreme quality tyres and car accessories.


The ultimate goal of the company of serving its customers with the finest products and services during driving uninterrupted advancement, latest security standards and an irrevocable trust is based on the thought of “common interest above all else.”

We present to you some of the top models by Jinyu tyres incorporated with the latest technology and best features.

1.Jinyu Gallopro YH16 Car Tyre

Carved with a lot of sincerity and hard work, this tubeless tyre by Jinyu comes with a rim diameter of 14 inches with no assembly required. This highly efficient tyre has a speed rating of ‘H’ and is made up of rubber. It weighs a total of 15 kg and has a section width of 185 cm.

2.Jinyu JF568

This summer tyre by Jinyu is one of the most efficient tyres for an uninterrupted on-road performance. With the help of its wide and deep treads, it provides enhanced driving stability and traction. Due to its low rolling resistance, the fuel consumption of the car is reduced and thus makes it more pocket-friendly.

3.Jinyu JD565

An all-season tyre by Jinyu, JD565 comes with efficient tread block pattern as well as a longitudinal pattern which provides superior handling, firm driving force, and strong grip on damp surfaces.

With wider and higher wear resistant tread, the mileage of the vehicle boosts by an extra of 20% as compared to the original.


Also known as gallopro, this tyre by Jinyu is an Ultra-high performance tyre.

It falls in the category of racing semi slick-tyre and comes in 3 sizes -15”, 17”, 18”.

5. YU63

Another Ultra-high performance tyre by Jinyu, YU63 is an innovative high performance tyre that provides the two important features of comfort and low fuel consumption in one tyre.

It comes in 5 variants of 16’, 17” 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”.


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