These 5 Pre-trip Check will help you to Avoid Road Break-down easily

After a tiring week, the best therapy you can get is a long drive and your favourite music.

To make your drive more appealing and to prevent your vehicle from breaking down miles from home, you should inculcate a few pre-trip checks.

For a safe journey, you must maintain your car’s brakes, suspension system, and car tyres in Shirley in their best shape. About a week before the trip, make sure you take your vehicle to a dependable auto garage like Midlands Performance Tyres, to perform a thorough check-up of your car. They also provide wheel cleaning, wheel fitting and mounting, wheel balancing services. Thus, you can eradicate many problems by a simple pre-trip check-up and enjoy a pleasant journey.

While you do not have to do much out of the ordinary, you can ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road by following the tips given below.

So, let’s check them out!

  • Pay attention to your tyres pressure

An alert driver will definitely inspect the car tyres in Shirley to avoid any mishap on the roads. A recent study, conducted by Highway England has stated that more than 30 people got killed in a road collision due to defective tyres. Underinflated tyres are more likely to over-heat and can even blow out easily. It also affects your car’s fuel economy. So make sure to visit a garage and check your tyre’s inflation before heading off.

  • Fill your tank

If you are one of those who think of refilling their tank on the way, then it can be hazardous. As it is not possible to find petrol stations everywhere, it is advisable to fill your tank before embarking on your journey.

  • Inspect the condition of your tyres

Maintaining the proper condition of your car tyres in Shirley is crucial. Make sure all your 4 tyres have a minimum of 3mm of tread depth. If you observe that your tyres are wearing out unevenly, then it is a visible sign that the wheel alignment of a vehicle is off. Also, make sure to carry a set of well-maintained spare tyres with you.

  • Avail a wheel cleaning service

Washing your car and wheels before a long drive does not only enhance its visual appeal but also prevents rust accumulation. While removing the dirt in your tyres in Shirley, you can use a rasp tool and insert it into the damaged part of your tyre, or you can avail wheel cleaning services in Shirley.

  • Look after your vehicle’s light

Most of the car owners often forget to adjust their headlamps. It will help you to see better and also help oncoming drivers detect your presence at night. Take your car to a professional garage, check all the lights, including indicator and taillights and make sure they are pointing towards the appropriate direction.

Apart from these tips, the pressure of your tyres in Shirley, car’s brake, suspension system, windscreen wipers are also vital checkpoints during a pre-trip check-up of your vehicle. Keep these safety measures in your to-do list for a safe drive and a memorable journey.