These Dunlop Tyres can Perform Even when they are Punctured!

Have you ever wondered how the hero of a movie drives his car even after its tyres get shot a thousand times? You must’ve heard about how a VIP goes around in a vehicle that is bomb proof, and “can run even when its tyres are punctured”? Well, they all use run-flat tyres.

Run-flat tyres are a special type of tyre that can continue to work at slower speeds and a certain distance even after it is punctured. Their design makes them resistant to the effects of deflation thereby enabling you to drive even when they are entirely flat.

Dunlop is a premier manufacturer of some world-class run-flat tyres. Their models come with Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST).

The DSST technology uses a patented sidewall design that reduces the tyre from distorting in the stress and that reduces chances of it getting detached from the rim. With such a punctured tyre, you can drive up to 50 km with speeds up to 50 km/ph.

If you are looking for a Dunlop run-flat tyre, you can check out the wide collection that all the car service garages around the UK store. Visit any one of them, for example, check out the extensive range of HG Motors tyres Harrogate and pick out the correct unit for your car.

But, which on to go for?

Here, you can check out some of the most versatile run-flat tyres from Dunlop:

  1. SP SportMaxx GT

The SP SportMaxx GT is a summer tyre for cars and SUVs that come with rim protection to reduce curb damage. Its tread material combined with racing carbon black helps reduce braking distance while increasing grip on dry roads. Moreover, owing to its flat treads, the tyre remains in contact with the road.

These come with Dunlop Touch Technology that ensures more control and precision with your car.

  1. Grandtrek Touring A/S

The Grandtrek Touring A/S for high-performance SUVs is an all-season tyre. Its unique tread design enables you to stay in control of your car no matter what the weather condition. You also get more control while cornering thanks to its stiff shoulders.

A special polymer compound used in these tyres makes them an exceptional performer in both winter and summer. So, if you are looking for all-season SUV car tyres in Harrogate, this will be your best.

  1. SP WinterSport M3

The SP WinterSport M3 caters to SUVs as the best Tyres Harrogate for winter road conditions. The treads of this tyre come with wide grooves that rapidly drive out water thereby reducing aquaplaning.

You will also get reduced braking distance in snow thanks to its directional tread patterns.   Moreover, the high-density sipes of the SP WinterSport M3 ensure more traction and handling in snow-covered roads.

  1. SP WinterSport 4D

The SP WinterSport 4D for cars makes driving on winter roads a more pleasant experience. With this tyre, you get to increase your car’s mileage.

Its unique treads increase its road contact in snow and ice owing to a considerable number of biting edges. The directional grooves eliminate aquaplaning and keep you on the road rather than off it.

  1. SP Sport Maxx

The SP Sport Maxx is the best car tyres in Harrogate or elsewhere for summer roads. With its Dunlop Touch Technology, it glides over warm tarmac effortlessly.

Its unique rubber compound comes race track tested and gives you the handling and stability you seek for both wet and dry roads. The tread patterns keep the noise produced to a minimum a quieter driving experience.

These run-flat car tyres from Dunlop deliver the convenience and comfort you need. And now without the worry of how and when you might have to handle a puncture, you will be able to enjoy your road trip like never before.

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