These Signs Indicate the AC will Turn Your Car into a Furnace

Did you know that vehicles now use the R-134a refrigerant over the now banned R-12, which caused a significant depletion to the earth’s ozone layer? Switching to this refrigerant has led to the restoration of this layer, which is expected to close by 2050 fully.

Now, the importance of refrigerant is that the AC requires it to perform its only objective – cool your car. So, problems with it will obviously hinder the air condition’s functions. Also, there are several other components in your car’s AC, faults within which can turn the cabin into a furnace.

Some of the signs that indicate you need to avail a service for air conditioning in Luton include:

  1. Air becomes warm even after starting cold

One of the common symptoms that you might come across is warm air from the AC even though the initial air was cold.


  • Blown fuse.
  • Faulty compressor clutch restricting a compressor to function correctly.
  • Clogged expansion valve hindering the flow of the refrigerant.

What to do?

You can refer to DriveRyteSundonPark for a professional car air con repair in Luton. Their experts can also help you with services like wheel alignment, exhaust repair, brake servicing, new batteries, etc.

  1. Hot air circulation

A classic case of a faulty car air conditioner is the circulation of warm air after you turn it on.

What is the cause?

  • Leaking refrigerant. Leaks in the pipes and broke broken rubber seals cause it to escape.
  • Damaged compressor.

How to diagnose?

Usually, you can leave it to the professionals. Or, you can do it yourself.

An AC fan might run correctly but a compressor may not. Even if the compressor does not start after lowering the set temperature, then it is damaged.

If the fan and compressor are working fine, but the AC is still blowing warm air, then you have a classic case of refrigerant leakage.

  1. Pungent smell in the circulating air

Over time and without any maintenance, you might get to experience an unpleasant or burning smell from the AC air.


  • Mildew accumulation in the air vents and evaporator case.
  • Damaged wirings.
  • Damaged or dirty air filters.

What is the solution?

If a dirty air filter is a cause, then regularly cleaning it can solve this issue while additionally extending its service life as well. Damaged wirings will require an experienced mechanic for replacement.

  1. Abnormal noises when you start your car AC

Any unusual sound originating from your vehicle’s air conditioning after you turn it on indicates significant problems.

What causes it?

  • External anomalies can block the AC fan.
  • Broken fan.
  • Damaged condenser.

The solution?

Refrain from turning your car AC on and opt for professional servicing of your vehicle’s air conditioning in Luton immediately, provided you are not an expert.

To add on, another common AC malfunctioning is a damaged compressor clutch. A clutch can either break thereby preventing a compressor from working or stop moving thus keeping it on forever.

Whatever the case, head over to the nearest car garage to have the technicians take a look at your car’s air conditioning in Luton and deliver a proper resolution.

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