Things to Ensure While Going for an Mot

The MOT test scares every driver in the UK. Not because it’s hard to clear but because of the minor faults. The UK government is very particular about the road safety of passengers and drivers. During an MOT, all the vehicle components are checked. Your vehicle can easily fail the MOT due to minor negligence. This is why you need to be extra careful while taking the car for the MOT test. 

But before we hop onto the checklist, let’s have a detailed discussion on what the MOT test is and how it’s carried out. Various confusions arise when it comes to this extremely important test. However, clearing an MOT Redditch is not a cumbersome task; as long as you keep certain things in mind, you are good. 

What is an MOT Test?

It is an annual test that involves a thorough inspection of the vehicle and its systems. The UK government has authorised many service centres to carry out the MOT tests. The professionals there check all the components of your car for leaks and damages. If your car is found to be safe and roadworthy, you get a passing certificate. However, you straightaway fail the test when the requirements are not met. 

What Components Are Checked During the MOT?

The list of vehicle parts and components that are checked during an MOT is long. Some of them include horn, windows, doors, suspension system, gears, lights and mirrors, tyres and wheels, engine, battery, exhaust system, AC, etc. You are advised to keep the vehicle in good condition being consistent with the maintenance services. This helps in avoiding unnecessary damages and faults. 

What Happens if I Fail the MOT?

Failing an MOT test means you can’t drive the car if it failed the test with dangerous faults. You will have to get the repairs done at the test centre itself. If you want to visit another garage for repairs, towing the car will be your only option. 

Another category of MOT failure is major faults. It means though the car failed the MOT, it can still be driven for repairs. However, this is possible only when your current MOT certificate hasn’t expired. 

In both cases, you fail the MOT. So what you’ll have to do next is schedule an MOT retest. You get a free retest if it is done within ten working days of failing the MOT.

Not possessing an MOT passing certificate can land you in trouble. You will be charged with a hefty fine and a few points on your license. Passing an MOT test is mandatory if you want to drive your car on UK roads. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going for the MOT

Always wash your car and clean it before going to the test centre. Believe it or not, a filthy car has more chances of failing an MOT.

Check the tyre inflation properly. Your tyres should be inflated according to the guidance of the manufacturer. Inadequate tyre pressure is often a big reason for failing an MOT. 

All the stickers on the windscreen blocking the driver’s view should be removed. Now that you are aware of the basics of an MOT test, you have a better chance of passing it. Make sure to get the car regularly serviced, so you don’t have to schedule an MOT retest.

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