Things to know about car air conditioners

Air conditioners are no longer a luxury. It is safe to say that they have become a necessity in the past few decades and are no longer reserved for just the upper class. The millennials depend on air conditions more than anyone else, which is one reason why air conditioning system has become vital equipment in modern cars. We don’t dare to go out in summers with a poor air conditioning system as it has to do with our survival more than anything else.

An Air Conditioning Aldershot system is crucial for your car also as it performs various important roles –

  • It helps in defrosting the windshields
  • It protects the compressor
  • It maintains a healthy temperature inside the car

How can you tell that your car’s air-conditioner system needs maintenance? Well, there are three major warning signs. They are


If your air conditioner unit is making an irritating noise, it means asking for your help, and you should take it to the garage.


When the evaporator inside the air-conditioner gets clogged by dirt and other toxic particles, the air becomes musty or pungent, harmful to the lungs. This is a big warning sign that your air conditioner needs maintenance.

Quality & Quantity of Air

If your car’s ac unit is circulating too much air or blowing lukewarm air, it means that there is a blockage in the system. Similarly, if it is not blowing the required air, there is probably a leakage in the unit.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy air-conditioning system?

Air Conditioning Aldershot system makes our drives more comfortable and protects us from the heating waves of summer, but like any other car equipment, it too needs to be taken care of, and therefore it should be serviced regularly. Any air-conditioning unit has six major components. These are –

– Condenser

– Evaporator

– Compressor

– Expansion Valve

– Refrigerant

– Receiver Drier


Each part performs an important function, and together they are responsible for blowing cold air. The compressor is the most expensive part of the air-conditioner, and it requires maintenance. It takes the cold vapours from the refrigerant and diffuses them into the condenser. Honestly, most of the time, it is the compressor responsible for the air-conditioning system’s failure. Therefore it should be checked at regular intervals to ensure that the lubrication level is fine and there is no leakage or blockage in the unit.

After the compressor sends the cold vapour into the condenser, the condenser converts these vapours into liquid and injects them into the receiver drier. Its main job is to convert the refrigerant from gas to liquid by getting rid of the heat. A bad condenser is responsible for blowing lukewarm air instead of cold air, and there are chances your air-conditioning unit might get burned if the condenser is not working properly.

A car’s air-conditioner throws clean air as long as the evaporator remains in good condition. The evaporator must remain unblocked and clean because when it gets clogged, not only the air it blows becomes lukewarm, but it gets contaminated by harmful unwanted dirt particles. As a result, it can cause various issues like asthma, headaches, breathing problems etc.

Legends say that it is easier to afford a car with an air-conditioning system rather than getting the unit repaired once it gets damaged, and therefore one should rush to the nearest garage at the first sign of trouble. The price of a new condenser ranges from $400 to $900, and it is not even the most expensive part of the air-conditioning system. It needs maintenance to perform efficiently, and typically it should get serviced at least once a year by professionals. Most people take their car’s air conditioner for routine maintenance just before the start of the summer, and that is usually a good time. Need a good tip to maintain a healthy air-conditioner unit: even if you are not driving for a week or a month, just like in lockdown days, it is recommended that you should start your car and run the air conditioner for around ten minutes and it will serve you great.


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