Three Car Services That You Must Know And Here are The Reasons Why

Owning a car is considered to be a luxury but working on its regular maintenance activities is a responsibility. With the technology progressing, the car is used for travelling to various destinations. This machine is well designed to cut the travelling time and public transport expenses. However, like other complex machines, the car also needs regular health checks and maintenance activities to be performed. Moreover, these activities should be correctly done to ensure their effectiveness. Moving further, let’s discuss why we need a car service and what are the various types of car repair services.

How Is Car Service Useful?

When your car travels distances, the engine goes through a lot of pressure. Apart from that, some wear and tear are also caused to the parts. These major and minor breakouts make it essential to go through regular checkups and ensure the smooth working of the car components. In addition to physical parts, some certain fluids and coolants need to be replaced or topped up frequently. Few old or torn parts might require a complete replacement with new functional parts. Not just for car maintenance, these car checks are also necessary for driving safety on the road.

People claim that their driving is just perfect and no damage can be caused to their car. However, some internal car functionalities should be regularly inspected and updated as required. But if you delay the car maintenance work, that is surely going to charge you in the end. Consequently, you have to pay more on repairing the car and get it back running on the road. In short, it can be concluded that regular servicing is a must and can’t be avoided in the long run. Before it gets late, reach the Car Repair Wrexham service centre and get a free quote for your car service.

Types of Car Repair Services

Car maintenance is something that can’t be handled alone at home. One has to go to the service centre and opt for a suitable type of car service. Broadly, the services are classified into three main types as Interim, Full, and Major Car Service. However, these service packages are named differently across different garages but their offerings remain the same. Each of these services follows various checks and as you step up with the package the checklist items increase. Services are also a way to determine the total distance covered by the vehicle between the previous service date and the current date.

Interim Car Service

Interim Car Service includes a list of 25 points and should be availed every 6 months or when your car completes 6000 miles. This 25 point checklist covers inspection of all the essential components of the car like engine oil and replacing oil filters if needed. The service also includes topping up some of the important car fluids like brake oil, steering fluid, engine coolant, and AdBlue (for diesel cars).

Other than these internal checks, it also includes external checks like car lights, warning lights of different components, car wipers, etc. As the general part checklist is completed, core parts like engine, brake system, car tyres, and suspension system are also inspected. This car service performs a detailed check for any oil leaks, major component failure, and car belt if required. Few service centres even offer a 50% discount on MOT tests if availed along with Interim Service.

Full Car Service 

Full Car Service covers 15 more checks than Interim services that count to a total of 40 points. It should be available every 12 months or when the car completes 12,000 miles. Other than checks included in Interim service, it includes replacement of air filters, checking number plate condition, inspecting seat belt operation, etc. Apart from major and minor components, car engines, coolant leak condition, fuel system, drive belts are also examined. Furthermore, brake checks include checking fluids, brake discs, pipes, hoses, callipers, and their complete operation. With Full car services, you can avail of an MOT test by paying extra pounds.

Major Car Service

Major Car Service includes around 50 checkpoints and should be done every 24 months or when your car completes 24,000 miles. Usually, this one is the most expensive and detailed car service that inspects every small part to ensure that the car is working as efficiently as possible. Some service centres even offer free MOT tests along with the Major Car Services. MOT Wrexham in the UK is one of the known services for MOT tests.