Time to get your tyres summer-proofed! Here’s How

Summers bring with the extremities in temperature and deteriorating road conditions. This calls for specific maintenance of the vehicle to ensure that it is ready for the upcoming summer. Considering that tyres in Maltby are in direct contact with the heated road, they are susceptible to premature and maximum wear and tyre.

So, let you tyre brace the summer without worries about blowouts. Here is how you can summer proof your tyres –

  1. Check the tyre pressure

According to automobile experts, for every 10 degrees change in temperature, a tyre may lose or gain 1 pound per square inch. The rising temperatures, thus posit possible chances of a blowout. Driving with a poorly inflated tyre, can increase fuel usage, and may also lead to reduced car manoeuvring.

On the other hand, driving with overinflated tyres may lead to premature and uneven wear in tyres. It can lead to poor brake distance, vehicle handling issues, and can also make tyres more inflexible and rigid. The later makes the rubber more susceptible to damages from poor road conditions (filled with curbs and potholes).

Under such circumstances, the lifespan of tyres in Maltby decreases substantially and hence; individuals often need to invest in purchasing tyres frequently. Therefore, make sure to check out the tyre pressure before you hit the road this summer!

  1. Look in for sidewall cracks and bulges

Car tyres in Maltby are susceptible to multiple damages owing to their exposure to dirt, heat, curbs and potholes. However, cracks along the sidewall of tyres or ‘blisters’ during the ‘blowout season’ are more common due to prolonged UV exposure. Such cracks necessitate a tyre replacement since these weak spots may cause a sudden blowout. So, make sure to look closely into the tyres for any blisters, bulges or sidewall cracks and opt for immediate tyre replacement in Maltby from reputed garages.

  1. Watch out for the type of tyre wear and tear

Uneven and premature tyre wear and tear may often be a result of improper inflation pressure or misaligned and unbalanced wheels. Driving on tyres with uneven tread depth may often lead to severe issues in car manoeuvring, handling, or cornering. Considering that uneven tyre wears are prominent indicators of significant problems in the car, it is better to urgently follow it up with a complete vehicle servicing in Maltby.

Additionally, remember to check in the tyre tread depth – the optimal tread depth needs to be more than 1.6mm (as per the UK laws) or above 3 mm (as per automobile experts).

  1. Opt for summer tyres

One guaranteed way to prevent frequent tyres replacement during the summers is by opting for summer tyres. The advantages of the summer Tyres in Maltby are as follows –

  • Provides better traction due to its unique tread patterns that help resist hydroplaning and allows a better grip.
  • Comes with excellent cornering and acceleration capability despite extreme conditions
  • Gives enhanced fuel economy because it comes with stiffer construction
  • Has a prolonged tyre life
  • Provides increased stability while driving at higher speeds despite summer temperatures

So, this summer, get your vehicle a fresh set of summer tyres from a professional garage like Harworth Tyres Services in Maltby. Apart from this, the reputed garage also provides other services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre mounting, etc.

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