Tips to Get Your Car Tyres Ready for This Summer

Summer’s dust, traffic and heat take quite a toll on your vehicle’s tyres. Add to it the residual effects of the previous winter, and you could possibly suffer a blowout. However, timely maintenance could potentially prevent it before you go on a road trip.

Road trips during the summer are quite rough on your tyres. Driving on the highway for hours at high temperatures can get your tyres overheated. Now, heat is the arch nemesis of tyres. So, there are certain things you should look into before packing and driving off.

Inflation of Tyres

The inflation of your Tyres Easington plays a crucial role in your car’s performance. Under-inflation of tyres reduces the fuel-economy drastically, so the overall driving costs of the vehicle rise extremely.

Moreover, over inflation of tyres may untimely result in a puncture or blowout. That would be quite the problem if you are on the highway. After all, no one would like to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Hence, before you take off for a vacation, make sure to check the air pressure of your tyres.

Alignment of Wheels

No matter how carefully you drive your car, there will be jolts and bumps along the way. This will cause the misalignment of wheels, resulting in uneven wear of tyres. Moreover, an improper wheel alignment will cause one tyre to pull or push in a different direction than the others.

The friction and drag due to misalignment will cause the rubber on the tyres to scrub off. This will result in numerous flat spots and poor grip. Also, improper alignment of wheels results in increasing the fuel consumption of the car significantly.

These problems will have an adverse effect on your journey if you do not fix them. Hence, take your vehicle to a reliable service centre like Easington Service Station and solve these issues.

Tyre Rotation

Other than the steering and braking functions, there are numerous other factors which result in uneven tyre wear. Tyre wear depends on the transmission drive of your vehicle. RWD and a majority of AWD will have more rear tyre wear while FWD vehicles will have more front wear.

Rotating through your tyre sets will help to even out tyres, thereby enhancing a car’s driveability and handling. This also helps in prolonging the life of your summer tyres in Easington, making it more durable and sturdy. Car manufacturers advise rotating your tyres every 5000 miles to help you get even tyre wear throughout the year.

Tread Depth and Sidewall Checks

It is absolutely crucial that you inspect the tread depth of your tyres before hitting the road. Inadequate tread depth will result in less on-road grip and driving stability.

Also, make sure to check the sidewalls of your tyres for any scratches, bumps and marks. These might cause improper wheel alignment which will affect your car’s performance as mentioned above.

Thus, ensure that all the above-said things are taken care off before taking your car for a vacation. Following these tips will help you get a smooth ride without any hiccups.

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