To Buy Or Not To Buy The Dunlop Tyres?

When you invest money in buying tyres, you expect them to prove worth each penny you had spent. A little information about the brand you are going to buy can help in making the right choice.

The problem is that most blogs do not give you the apt information about the products. They are usually sponsored. However, this blog will genuinely review the tyres manufactured by Dunlop in an unbiased manner.

The Dunlop Tyres and Technology Group is a South Korean tyre manufacturing company based in Seoul. It was founded in 1941 and was named Chosun Tyre Company. Later in 1968, it came to be known as Dunlop. Dunlop Tyres have been a pioneer in incorporating quality and longevity in their tyres.

Improvement of the products

The tyres produced by Dunlop have improved in various aspects. The quality and performance levels of the products have become much better in the past five years. The new tyres also have a longer life span and are durable.

In 2015, a test was conducted by the German magazine Auto Bild that stated that Dunlop Tyres has upgraded the performance of its tyres.

Products manufactured by the company

Eco K425:

This tyre is a part of the Kinergy range launched by the company. The ratings of this product are phenomenally good, and you can choose from many sizes offered by them. The tyre is known for its strong grip on wet roads and high levels of safety.

Ventus S1EVO 2:

This one is a performance tyre. The test performance of this tyre on the BMW M4 was pretty good. It was tested in wet conditions and proved to be durable and safe. Ventus S1 EVO 2 is a mid-range tyre.


Dunlop has tremendously increased its advertising work. The brand has proved to be very popular in Europe after its advertisements in European football leagues. The company is also a constant tyre supplier for BMW and Toyota. It has also announced that the company will be supplying tyres to Ford. This indicates the popularity of this brand. They are also famous for the original equipment (OE) they make for Ford.

The reach of the Dunlop company is expanding internationally. They have stretched their business to the USA, China, Germany, and Hungary.

Can I buy budget tyres from them?

No, the company only produces mid-range tyres and not budget ones. They are striving to come under the category of premium Tyres Bilston.

Are the products worth the money?

Absolutely! Even though the tyres are a bit costly, they provide value for the money you spend on them. It’s not without reason that most of the leading automobile companies and international motorsport brands trust this brand.

The products sold by Dunlop Tyre and Technology Group have an unmatched quality. The Dunlop Tyres Bilston is well known for its high-end tyres and its durability.

So, if you are planning to buy tyres from them, you are making the right choice. These tyres are bound to enhance your driving experience manyfold.

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