Top Issues Related To The Clutch of Your Car

Does your driving experience not up to the mark? What is it this time? Oh! It is the constant jerking that is caused in the vehicle while you shift your gears. Do you know what the component that is at fault this time is? Yes, most of you would have already guessed it right. It is the clutch in your car that needs repair or unfortunately a replacement.

Clutch issues, though are not easily comprehended but may result in high wearing and tearing of components in your car. If you are an owner of a vehicle with automatic transmission, then this article is not for you. But if you own a car with manual transmission and gear stick to change various gears, make sure to read the article thoroughly.

A clutch of your vehicle is responsible for a lot of action undergoing your car’s body, and therefore maintaining its condition is a must.

To help you with the kinds of problems attached to the clutch of your vehicle, allow us to offer you the following issues.

1. Slipping Off Your Clutch: The most common problem with the clutch plate of your car is its slipping. You can easily decipher that your clutch is slipping if the engine races but the power is not transmitted to the wheels. You will find it difficult to accelerate even though the engine is doing its work. The reason why the clutch is slipping is that the pressure plate of your clutch is unable to hold on to the flywheel of the car. In the absence of necessary linkage, the power from the engine gets lost and is not delivered to the wheels.

2. Unwanted Linking Of The Clutch: sometimes it is the opposite of slipping clutch. In some cases, the pressure plate will hold the flywheels robustly. This is the problem when you will encounter jerks. In situations like this disengaging a clutch becomes difficult, and hence the jerking occurs. The main culprit behind the scene might be broken disc, flywheel or pressure plate.

3. Gear Change Difficulty: as you might know, modern clutch work on hydraulic forces. If there is any leak in the system, the clutch will significantly lose its pressure. The result will be a spongy clutch pedal. Without much considerable pressure, the clutch of your vehicle will fail at every moment of its application. As a consequence, it will become hard to shift gears from neutral. You will also find it challenging to bring your vehicle in the 3rd gear as well.

Clutch plays a vital role in the power transmission system of your car. Any prolonged damage or issue related to the clutch will result in expensive repairs. Therefore, we, at Tamworth Diesel, offer a wide range of Clutch Repair Tamworth.

That is not all, when you come to us at our garage, we provide a range of Car Repair Tamworth, that will help you get back on the road safely.