Top Reasons Why Your Car Tyres Are Important

When it comes to enhancing the performance of their vehicles, most of the drivers believe in the modification of their cars. While modifying our cars, we tend to forget one of the most essential components that is its tyres. Tyres of a car are responsible for maintaining many things in a car ranging from the car’s performance to its fuel efficiency. Therefore, whenever you are thinking about modifying the engine of your vehicle do consider replacing your tyres as well.

To get the most out of your Tyres Southampton, be sure to know your requirements first. There are various types of tyres available in the market to cater to different driving needs. Hence, to help you understand various performance factors that are associated with your tyres, let us offer you following points:

Safety of the vehicle: It is necessary to choose the right set of tyres for your cars in order to get through the extreme weather conditions. When the temperature is relatively high, and the weather is dry, you would want summer tyres for your vehicles. Summer tyres come with shallower treads that offer maximum performance and excellent cornering. But they will fail to provide the required traction when the temperature seeps down below 7-degree Celsius. In conditions like this, you will need winter tyres with relatively deeper grooves. Winter tyres grip the road exceptionally, when it is laden with snow.

Fuel efficiency: Fuel efficiency of a car is directly proportional to the rolling resistance offered by tyres. For this reason, summer tyres have high fuel efficiency than winter tyres as summer tyres have low rolling resistance. You can also check your tyres for EU fuel labelling to know more about the fuel efficiency offered by a tyre.

The comfort of your car: If you want comfort from your tyres, you will have to compromise with the overall performance of your tyres. A firm tyre offers lesser comfort but provides a high level of performance. While a softer tyre is more comfortable than a hard one, but it will have reduced steering response.

It is not all, if you want your tyres to work better for long, you have to keep a check on your lousy driving habits. To ensure your tyres have a longer life than usual, make sure you maintain correct air pressure. Overinflated tyres always run on a high risk of blowing out, while under-inflated tyres wear out quickly.

Another vital thing to consider for longer life of your tyres, get your wheels aligned regularly. Doing it will prevent uneven wearing of your tyres.

Although you can delay the process of ageing of your tyres, they will age out eventually. We know the fact, therefore to help you with your driving needs, we store some of the best models of Michelin tyres Southampton in our facility. To buy them today, make sure to check out our online collection now. If you want to know more, call us, here at Eco Tyres. Also know more about Exhaust Repair Southampton.