Trelleborg Tyres: Tracks, Tech And Tailor-Made

A tractor on the agricultural field is as important as the oxygen that is required to breathe and live. All the activities on the field such as ploughing and tilling are only because of tyres that run through it. However, using huge machinery over an extended period of time can cause a lot of downsides to the tyres and lead to wearing and tearing. In such a case, tyres equipped with high-performance qualities come to the rescue of all the problems faced by the tractor. So, are you looking for an all in one tyre that would give you a solid solution for all the problems?

What Is Trelleborg?

Trelleborg is a tyre company based in Sweden. They are known to be the best tyre company and are recognised for making a huge difference in the tyre industry. They are a global engineering group mainly focused on polymer technology. They have been in the tyre business since 2005. Being a polymer company, which is usually known for rubbers, they use rubber in making large tyres, rubber bearings, hose, seals, springs and coated fabrics. They also provide a good range of car Tyres Batley.

Their business carries a motto which can be quoted as “We seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. The three terms mentioned above have a meaning attached to it.

To seal means is to fill the gap between two dynamic or static surfaces. Seals are usually used for control systems and brakes. The brake system seals are responsible for maintaining the pressure in the fluid system and prevent any kind of contaminants from entering inside.

To damp is to absorb energy for reducing vibration and noise. Rail vibrations should be reduced because they can cause disturbances in the comfort of the passengers. With damping treatment, it is possible to reduce the vibrations by increasing the attenuation (attenuation is known as the reduction of force, effect or value of something). Because of this process, the noise that is caused by the railways gets reduced. Also, the fender which acts like a cushion between a boat and a dockyard prevents the ship from shock and chaffing for safe mooring in the ports.

Now coming to the last word

  • To protect is to help the environment and people and assets to manage the impact of natural and man-made forces.
  • Trelleborg provides agricultural tyres that are not only easy to run over the soil, but also to keep the soil safe.
  • Drive shaft boots are important for protecting the CV joint which helps in rotation and also absorbs vibration while steering. The
  • driving shaft boots protect the CV joint from dirt, contaminants and any foreign material.

The Trelleborg tyres work on one the principle that is sustainability.


  • They make sure that they have eco-friendly tyres that take into account the soil structure and strive to minimize the damage caused by compression.
  • The Agroforest cross-application tyres for agriculture and forestry provide excellent optimal performance.
  • They provide good quality tractor wheels and rims which promotes the performance.
  • They have inter-terrace lugs which help in self-cleaning.
  • Tractors equipped with these tyres are lighter which create less pressure on the soil.

While a lot of motorists prefer Pirelli tyres Batley, you may conduct a proper research before buying tractor tyres.

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