Trick to Buy the Best Tyre

Tyres are not as simple as they look. Their visuals give us the idea of them being just a circular black component made of rubber. But the task they perform is extremely essential for your vehicle’s smooth performance.

The fact that tyres make contact between the road and vehicle can’t be neglected. Most of all, your safety depends on how well your tyres perform. Most manufacturers stress on buying branded and high-quality tyres. The reason being the passenger and driver’s safety. Low-quality tyres have greater chances of getting damaged and causing inconvenience.

No one wants to take a venture with their money. You would not like to see the investment going in vain. To help you make the right decision, we have articulated some information on the factors that influence your tyre performance.

Tyre speed rating

Though this factor should be considered by everyone, track and sports lovers should lay special emphasis on this. Tyre speed rating determines the maximum speed at which your tyre can safely run while carrying the maximum amount of load. When you drive at higher speeds, the amount of heat building up between the tyre and track increases significantly.

A tyre that is made to withstand that heat will keep you safe. That is why you should know the speed rating of the tyre you are going to buy. Choose the one that suits your speed limits. Tyre Speed Rating of a particular tyre can be viewed on the sidewall. It is denoted with a letter.

For example, L denotes the rating of 120 km/h, Y signifies 300 km/h, and Z gives the highest speed ratings. Range Rover Tyres Northampton with a Z speed rating is used for high-end motorsports vehicles like McLaren and Ferraris.

Tyre Width

The first part of the numerical code you see on the tyre sidewall determines the tyre width. It is measured in millimetres and plays a very important role in the realm of performance. Narrower tyres usually measure 200mm while broader ones would be around 255mm or more.

Wider tyres are more stable and provide better grip. They are usually used on heavy-load or high-speed vehicles. Their braking distance is shorter and they offer better speed and handling. But narrow Tyres Northampton are more comfortable and less noisy than the wider ones.

Wheel Rim

The bottom line here is that the diameter of the wheels you are going to buy should match the diameter of the wheel rim. For instance, a tyre with a diameter of 16 will only fit on a 16-inch wheel rim.

Aspect Ratio

The ratio of the tyre’s width to its height determines its aspect ratio. The traction of your vehicle depends heavily on the aspect ratio. Not installing a tyre of the recommended aspect ratio can affect the way your tyre’s contact patch engages with the road.

Run Flat tyres

Many automobile companies furnish run-flat tyres in their vehicles. The biggest benefit of these tyres is that they allow you to drive even after a tyre puncture. The air pressure doesn’t leave the tyres right after the puncture occurs. You get some time to reach a safer place as the tyres let you drive up to 50 miles after the puncture has occurred.

The above-mentioned aspects affect your tyre performance. It is highly significant to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation before finalising a particular tyre model.

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