Troubleshooting Exhaust Problems – Signs and MOT Compliance

The internal combustion in the engine produces a lot of-toxic fumes which needs to be funnelled out from the engine chamber. That is the primary responsibility of your car’s exhaust.

Unfortunately, like most parts, a car’s exhaust too causes problems sometimes. Most often, drivers in the UK do not know where to look for, and neither are they aware of when their exhaust system will give away. By the time many drivers take their car to a garage, it is often too late to repair. To ascertain that you do not face a similar situation, look out for the signs mentioned below.

Signs of a Faulty Exhaust

Before an exhaust system finally gives away, it shows specific signs that there are malfunctions. Given below is a list of some of the most common ones:

  • A terrible rumbling sound emanating from the vehicle is a clear indication of a faulty exhaust. While this may be due to some other causes, exhaust malfunction is often the culprit.
  • Perhaps the most apparent sign is smoke belching out from the tailpipe. It may be black, white or even blue in colour.
  • Slouch and then take a look at the rear of your car: do you see any visible holes or scratches on the exhaust? It is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with one of your car’s most essential parts.
  • Finally, one important aspect you must keep an eye out for is your engine coming to a stop for no apparent reason. It indicates that obnoxious gases are building up inside the engine bay.

Legal implications of a faulty exhaust

With Britain moving forward towards a cleaner and greener future, the screws on emissions have been tightened further in the MOT. The new rules that are in effect since May 20, 2018, are considerably stricter in regards to the exhaust system.
Drivers will fail their MOT in Rotherham if –

  1. Exhaust noise level exceeds the permissible level
  2. The part of the exhaust system is insecure and prone to detachment
  3. Any leak in the system
  4. Overall condition of the system is not satisfactory
  5. There’s smoke coming out of the tailpipe
  6. The DPF has been tampered with

Depending on the severity of the condition, you’ll receive either ‘Major’ or a ‘Dangerous’ certificate. Both will render your car illegal on the roads of Britain.

Aftermarket exhausts

The problem with exhausts is that they are not easily repairable. It requires thorough professional involvement to fix issues with the exhaust system. Garages like ETS Auto Centre have the requisite expertise to perform all types of Exhaust Service in Rotherham.

Not all parts can be repaired as well. Once damaged, parts like the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter require replacement. Make sure that you go to reliable garages to buy and fit aftermarket exhaust parts. The market is flooded with cheap counterfeits which create more problems than they solve.

Move forward towards a more sustainable future with a properly functioning exhaust system!