Types of Tyres You Can Buy for Your Vehicle

With several types of tyres on the market, purchasing the right one can be a hassle. Tyres are classified based on automobile segments, road conditions and weather. Installing the right tyres fit for your driving style will provide the best on-road performance and security. 

Different Type Of Tyres You Can Buy:

  • Summer Tyres: The heated road conditions in the summer season can impact normal
    All Season Tyres Peacehaven and reduce performance and safety when driving. Having the right set of tyres in the summers is vital to get a comfortable ride with enhanced handling and braking efficiency. Lucky, summer tyres are made with special compounds that allow them to last longer on heated roads and provide the best driving experience in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. Moreover, summer tyres also provide excellent performance on wet roads and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. Installing summer tyres on your vehicle will deliver a superior driving expense with reduced fuel consumption throughout the season.
  • Winter Tyres: The winter roads can be unpredictable and driving with standard tyres in such conditions can lead to reduced safety, comfort and performance. Getting the perfect winter tyres on your vehicle is important to conquer snowy, icy or wet roads without compromising your safety. Also, winter tyres are made with a special material that enables them to provide superior driving performance in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. The flexible compound used for making winter tyres allows them to remain flexible in sub-zero temperatures and prevents the tyres from premature damage. 
  • All-Season Tyres Peacehaven: As the name indicates, all-season tyres are designed for car owners looking to get reliable profane in all weather conditions. These tyres last throughout the year and remove the hassle of changing tyres every season for trustworthy performance and safety. The all-adaptive compounds used for manufacturing these tyres allows them to provide impressive performance in moderate weather conditions. There is a wide range of all-season tyres on the market that offer different features such as M+S marking, snow performance, excellent wet grip and more. If you don’t have to drive in extreme weather conditions, then these all-season tyres are the perfect combination of summer and winter tyres. 

  • 4×4 tyres: SUV, CUV and light truck car owners want the best performance in different road conditions. Normal city roads or uneven terrains can compromise the safety and comfort of SUVs fitted with standard tyres. Fortunately, 4×4 are made with durable material and a clever design to deliver superior performance, comfort and safety on different surfaces. H/T, M/T and A/T are the three tyres of 4×4 tyres you can buy. H/T and M/T are made for cities and off-roading, respectively. And, A/T or all-terrain are the combination of the first two and offer excellent drive in cities and rough terrain. 
  • Performance Tyres: Performance Tyres: Do you own a sports or luxury car? Then performance tyres will be the best option for your vehicle. Moreover, these tyres are also the stock tyres offered by top car manufacturing companies due to their impressive on-road performance. Installing these tyres on your vehicle will provide you with the confidence to drive at slow and high speeds without jeopardizing your safety. Also, you can get race track performance on city roads and unleash the full potential of your vehicle by fitting these tyres. The excellent braking, handling, cornering and rolling ability of performance tyres are far superior compared to standard tyres. 
  • Run-flat tyres: RFT of run-flat tyres provide an extra level of satay to car owners. These tyres are ideal for people who drive regularly and don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tyre. RFTs have the ability to drive for 50 miles at 50 mph even during a puncture or blowout. Installing these tyres on your car will ensure you reach the nearest repair station without any hassle. 

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